Workington Rocks producing great plaice, bass and flounder sport

If you fancy some action with summer flounders, plaice and bass this weekend, then Workington in Cumbria is the  perfect choice of venue.

The best of the fishing can be had from the rocks below the wind farms, and the favoured times are an hour before low tide, following it all the way back up to the top.

The flounders can range from 1lb to 1lb 8oz, but some of the plaice can go up to 3lb. While you are targeting these flatties, don’t be too surprised if a bass takes your bait instead.

These are normally schoolies. A three-pounder is not uncommon, and fish above 5lb have been known to feed in these parts.

Peeler crabs will undoubtedly be the best bait here, but tipping one with a ragworm may be a worthwhile alternative.

The ground can be mixed, but as the tide floods over the rocksyou will need to have tackle that is up to the job.

As for rods, a standard 13ft to 14ft beachcaster coupled with a reel loaded with 18lb line and a shockleader is the norm here.

A simple two-hook flapper is all that is needed, armed with sharp, 1/0 Aberdeen hooks, but use 25lb snoods as protection against the rough terrain.