UK sea fishing reports for week ending 26.7.10

Here's this week's selection of the best sea, pier and beach fishing catch reports from top marks around the English, Welsh and Scottish coastlines provided to the team at Sea Angler magazine from reputable sources within the world of sea fishing...


Mackerel and bass are the main species providing anglers with some good sport from Pilot Pier.
Tactics: Early morning is the best time to be out fishing, and you will catch from anywhere around the pier with spinners or feathers close in. The venue is easily accessible, with plenty of parking available nearby.
Details: North East Tackle, County Durham, 0191 5817915


Fish from the grass bank on the Barton side of the Humber Bridge and you¹ll be in with the chance of catching good numbers of silver eels, flounders and soles.
Tactics: You don¹t need to be a big caster to succeed here as you can catch from literally right under your rod-tip on either worm or fish baits. This venue fishes best during the daytime and you can park for free in the viewing area.
Details: George¹s Tackle, Cleethorpes, 01472 693771


There are lots of bass being reported from anglers fishing at Caister beach, with the biggest reaching the 5lb mark.
Tactics: The bass can be caught close in with fresh lugworms or ragworms on a three-hook rig with size 1 hooks. There are also a few smoothhounds being taken by those fishing at range with crabs on a Pennell rig. A flood tide is preferable, and the best catches have come during the evening once the light is off the water. There is lots of parking close to the fishing.
Details: Gorleston Tackle, 01493 662448


The sole are now starting to show in good numbers off Dunwich beach, and there are also lots of bass to be had averaging 1lb-2lb.
Tactics: Ragworms are pretty much the only bait you need to catch at this venue and it only needs to be cast around 20yds-30yds. It doesn¹t matter too much which tide you fish, but the evening is by far the most productive time of the day. There is plenty of free parking available close by.
Details: Saxmundham Angling, 01728 603443


Good catches of soles  and smoothhounds have  been reported from the beach at Newchurch.
Tactics: The soles can be caught during the evening on lugworms on a two- or three-hook rig with size 2 hooks. Peeler crabs are an excellent bait for the smoothhounds, and these should be cast around 80yds over high water with a single size 2/0 hook. The venue is easily accessible, with lots of parking close by.
Details: Hastings Angling Centre, 01424 432178


The area known as Shell Bay on Studland beach has been providing anglerswith excellent catches of bass to over 4lb as well as the odd smoothhound.
Tactics: A cast of 20yds-50yds will put you among the bass, and these have been falling to sandeel and worm baits. If you fancy having a go for the smoothhounds you¹ll have to cast a bit further with either ragworms, sandeels or hermit crab baits. Try to fish a rising tide in the evening, and you can park either in the National Trust car park or on the side of the road.
Details: Swanage Angling Centre, 01929 424989


There¹s a multitude of species being caught from Porthcurno including bass, mackerel, garfish, pollack, small-eyed rays and the odd plaice.
Tactics: A variety of baits will score, with lugworms, ragworms, strips of mackerel and sandeels all scoring. You¹re fishing over a sandy bottom and will catch from anywhere between 25yds and 150yds. Try to fish the flooding tides and you¹ll catch most species during the daytime but the hours of darkness will be best for the bass. Parking is available just a 10-minute walk from the fishing.
Details: West Cornwall Angling, Penzance, 01736 362363


If you fancy the chance of catching some specimen bass, Loughor Bridge is well worth a visit because fish to 11lb have been caught recently.
Tactics: Although fish have been caught on baits such as peeler crabs, the better examples have fallen to spinning tactics. The hours  of daylight have been best, and a short cast of 30yds on a low tide is all that¹s necessary for some good sport.
Details: Anglers Corner, Llanelli, 01554 773981


There¹s some excellent sport to be had in the area with several marks, including Tenby harbour and the South Beach, producing good catches of bass, bull huss and dogfish.
Tactics: A single-hook pulley rig will catch most species, and if you arm yourself with some lugworms, ragworms and razor clams you¹ll be covered on the bait front.
A cast of 50yds is the maximum you¹ll need, and  try to fish two hours either side of high or low water.  Both marks have plenty of parking close by.
Details: Tenby Angling, 01834 844430


The entire Gareloch system has been fishing well for mackerel, coalfish, pollack, codling and wrasse.
Tactics: Spinners and feathers have been scoring for the predatory species and sandeels and ragworms have proved successful for the codling. Most fish are being caught from close to the shore and day or night isn¹t making any difference. There is plenty of parking available at most of the popular spots.
Details: Tickers Tackle, Helensburgh, 01436 675044

North Yorkshire

Whitby Pier is a popular  venue with local anglers thanks to the good numbers of mackerel that are being caught at the moment.
Tactics: Nothing complicated is needed to catch at this mark, and spinners and feathers are pretty much all that¹s required. There¹s also a chance that you¹ll catch the odd pollack or coal fish using this approach. Fish over high water at dawn or dusk, and a cast of 40yds should put you among the fish.
Details: Whitby Angling, 01947 603855


If you want plenty of bites, Sandfire Hoe is well worth a visit because there is the chance of catching a variety of species including, dogfish, wrasse, pouting, bass, garfish, mackerel and pollack.
Tactics: This venue is very snaggy so make sure you incorporate rotten bottoms into your rigs. Ragworm and sandeel are probably the best baits here, and floatfishing is also worth a go. The hours of daylight are best, and aim to fish the tide three hours up and one back down. The venue is easily accessible with parking available close by.
Details: Channel Angling, Dover, 01304 373104


The whole coast around Southsea is fishing well at the moment, with bass, plaice, eels and mackerel showing all the way along.
Tactics: A running leger will work well for the bass, and a three-hook paternoster is recommended for most of the other species. There have even been reports of small tope being caught on sandeel baits along with smoothhounds.
Details: Lock Stock & Tackle, Southsea, 02392 812478

Isle of Wight

Head to Ryde Pier early in the evening and you¹ll be in with the chance of catching smoothhounds, bream, mackerel, pollack and bass.
Tactics: It doesn¹t matter too much what stage of the tide you fish, and you will catch the majority of the species on ragworm and squid cocktails. The bass and pollack can be caught close to the pier, but the smoothhounds will require a bigger chuck.
Details: Scotties, Sandown, 01983 522115