C-MAP announces cartography enhancements for 2016


C-MAP, a world leader in marine cartography, has announced a number of enhancements for its C-MAP Max-N+ and 4D cartography which includes improved chart presentations and performance for users of Chartplotters and Multi-Function Displays (MFD’s) from Simrad, B&G, Lowrance (with Max-N +), Raymarine, Furuno, and others (with 4D cartography).

The new enhancements will include improved de-clutter, light sector colours and berthing area labels. Further improvements will be seen in point-of-interest detail and current flows, while changes in sounding fonts and the depth palette colours assist in clearer identification of chart information. The system has been optimised for stable, fast navigation performance and easy access to vector chart data. 

To coincide with Navico’s release of Software Version 2.0, C-MAP has also announced that the new Max-N+ cartography will be fully compatible with the Simrad GO7 and B&G Vulcan series of chartplotters. This development brings all of the latest content, features and functionality of Max-N+ to the compact and affordable 7 inch navigation display systems which are ideal for a wide variety of sail and power boats. 

The system will include Dynamic Raster Charts, detailed satellite imagery and comprehensive marina plans in addition to C-Marina port information and multi-language charts.  There are also enhancements for owners of fishing vessels with High Resolution Bathymetry (HRB) fishing charts which have unparalleled bottom contour data which assists in the identification of selected fishing grounds. Dynamic tide and current information help skippers improve safety and efficiency while improving accuracy for fishing.

The C-MAP 4D Max +, Max-N and Max-N+ are all offered at a special promotional price throughout Europe until the end of June. With the new range of enhancements and availability for an even wider range of chartplotters and MFD’s C-MAP continues to lead the way in cartography for the 2016 season.