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The Sea Angling Diary Project is enlisting sea anglers from across the UK to help improve the marine environment through better management of fish stocks and demonstrate the impact of sea angling on the country.


With anglers from across the UK already providing information through a bespoke, free online diary, the project is seeking to significantly expand numbers to improve the quality of information. Anglers of all abilities are being asked to sign up - whether you’re a time served, year-round dedicated sea angler or you fish in the sea occasionally, maybe on holiday. Anglers based in Northern Ireland and Scotland are particularly encouraged to participate!


You can join the study by completing a short survey here:

The project, which began life as Sea Angling 2016 has been re-named the Sea Angling Diary Project. Information gathered will be used to calculate the numbers of people fishing and where and how often they do it; and the economic value of sea angling to the UK economy. Crucially it will show what is caught and where – and the proportions of fish returned as well as kept - to show the real impact of angling on the environment.

Those who take part receive a:

Free log in to a unique Online Catch Diary Tool to record fishing trips and catches. Diary Kit comprising: a Sea Fish Identification Booklet; waterproof catch recording notebook; tape measure.

An online guidance document explaining how to use the diary and support via email or phone when required.

Access to the brand new Sea Angling Diary Mobile App which is scheduled to launch in June 2019 - designed to operate alongside the online web diary, the mobile app will allow you to record your catch on the go!


A chance to win prizes in our monthly prize Draw – everyone completing their diary will have the chance to win £50 or £25 tackle vouchers, or a £25 Amazon voucher.

Quarterly Prize Draw - every three months - 500 electronic copies of Sea Angler magazine to be won!

 The survey is funded by the UK Governments and commissioned by the Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas). It is carried out by research company Substance, who have undertaken a wealth of research to show the impact of angling and support its development in the last decade (

 Dr Adam Brown from Substance said: ‘It is vital that we know more about sea angling in the UK so that it is properly represented. It is hugely important to get accurate data to support sea angling development, improve fish stocks and demonstrate its economic value. The more people that take part in our exciting Sea Angling Diary project, the better that data will be.’

 Dr Kieran Hyder (Cefas) said, ‘It is really important that sea anglers contribute to this survey, as it will help build the evidence needed to improve our ability to conserve fish stocks. The survey aims to collect data that is as accurate as possible about what is caught, released and spent by sea anglers in the UK. This will help enable the sea angling community to demonstrate its real impact more effectively.’

 Information collected will be published and provided to European, national and local policy makers to make better informed decisions on fisheries management, as well as provided to the sea angling community with information to enable them to develop their own views and policies.  

 The project is supported by a wealth of angling organisations, including: Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers, Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers, Fishing NI, Angling Trades Association, British Sea Fishing website. It reports to Dept of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Marine Scotland, Welsh Government and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland.

 To find out more visit:

Contact: Dr Adam Brown, Head of Research at Substance:

Twitter @seaanglingdiary



Anglers have been banned from taking bass during the whole of 2018 due to fears of a complete collapse of the species.

It means you can only fish catch and release for the popular species, but there are hopes of a relaxation of the rules later in the year to allow a one fish a day bag limit.

What it does mean is the European Commission’s threatened complete ban on any form of bass angling for the first six months of 2018 followed by six months of catch and release, as reported in issue 552 of Sea Angler, was rejected by EU Fisheries Ministers.

Those proposals prompted outrage from anglers and their representative bodies, who made strong representations, including a 18,000-signature petition, calling for no further restrictions on recreational bass fishing.

In December, EU Fisheries ministers announced a package of measures for 2018 in response to advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), which showed that the Northern European bass stock is crashing. It was nearly 19,000 tonnes in 2010, but the forecast for 2018 is just 6,414 tonnes, a fall of two thirds. It means the future regeneration of the stock is now critically endangered and the stock may remain depleted for extended periods.

Ministers announced that catch and release angling for bass all year round can continue with the prospect of a recreational bag limit in the second half of 2018, depending on a data review of the updated ICES advice in March.

There will be further limits on commercial bass fishing – 1.2 tonnes provision, rather than a by-catch, over 10 months for fixed nets (Feb-March closed); by-catch for demersal trawls and seines down to one per cent of catch capped at 100kg for trawls and 180kg for seines per month over 12 months; five tonnes per commercial rod and line vessel a year over 10 months, a reduction of 50 per cent (Feb-March closed).

The fact commercial fishing for bass was addressed pleased campaign groups, such as the Angling Trust, which is taking the view that the settlement “looks like about the best we were going to get in the context of the ICES stock assessment of bass numbers.”

STOP the European Commission's ban on recreational fishing

The proposed ban by the European Commission on recreational fishing for bass in 2018 would criminalise thousands of people. 

The proposals have stunned and infuriated anglers, who have had the lowest impact on bass stocks and have been calling for stronger conservation measures for decades. They would now be prevented from fishing for bass for the first six months of 2018 and prevented from keeping a single bass to eat throughout 2018.

Meanwhile, the Commission’s proposals would let commercial hook & line boats continue to catch up to four tonnes of bass each in 2018 – a measure that would only restrict one per cent of these UK boats.

Angling for bass has been valued at £200m in the UK and supports businesses and many thousands of jobs, which would be put at risk by the Commission’s proposals.

The Angling Trust and its partners, Save Our Sea Bass and the European Anglers Alliance, have called the proposals unfair and disproportionate and responded by launching a petition calling on UK Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, and other EU Fisheries Ministers to continue to allow the public to fish for bass throughout 2018 and keep up to one fish a day to eat from July until the end of 2018.

have also launched a campaign ahead of the fisheries debate in the House of Commons next month calling on the public to email their MPs asking them to support the right of anglers to fish for and keep bass.

Last week, the Angling Trust and Save Our Sea Bass published a position paper setting out their proposals to limit commercial fishing in 2018 to give the seriously depleted bass stock a chance to recover.

Anglers have already had severe restrictions imposed on them since 2015, when a daily bag limit, a higher legal minimum size and a closed period of six months were introduced.

David Mitchell, Head of Marine at the Angling Trust, said: ““Closing access for members of the public to fish for a publicly-owned fish stock such as bass is unacceptable while allowing commercial fishing operations to continue. It disregards both the rights of members of the public and the economic significance of businesses and jobs which rely on the money spent by anglers fishing for bass. The principle of fish stocks being publicly-owned is one we will defend to the hilt and we call on anyone who has ever fished for pleasure and eaten what they’ve caught to help us defend anglers' rights. Please sign the petition and join the Angling Trust today so that we can fight for the rights of anglers.”

David Curtis, from Save Our Sea Bass, said: “Angling is the most sustainable form of bass fishing, it delivers the greatest social and economic benefits by far, and it provides much needed income for many coastal communities. Excluding the public from the bass fishery whilst allowing commercial exploitation to continue would be an outrage and economic madness."

End of the line for damaging bass nets in sight

Angling organisations, who have been battling for a better deal for threatened bass stocks and for the introduction of sustainable forms of bass fishing, have today welcomed the announcement by the European Commission that should see the removal of damaging gillnets from the bass fishery in the North Sea, English Channel and North Atlantic.

If the proposals are adopted by the Council of Ministers at the forthcoming Fishing Opportunities meeting in December, commercial bass exploitation will be restricted to hook and line fishing only for ten months of the year in 2017, with a closure in February and March to protect spawning aggregations.

Recreational anglers will be allowed to retain ten fish a month during the ten month open season, as opposed to one fish a day for just six months as is currently the case.

Portland Fisherman urges anglers to carry a Personal Locator Beacon

Fisherman Simon Jones on his Fast Worker 19 with his ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon

Fisherman Simon Jones on his Fast Worker 19 with his ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon

A Portland fisherman who was rescued after activating his ACR Electronics ResQLink PLB is urging all boaters to carry a personal locator beacon when they go out to sea.

Simon Jones is one of more than 100 members of ACR’s ground-breaking initiative SurvivorClub which features first-hand tales of survival from people across the world who have used an ACR PLB or EPIRB to alert the rescue services.

The UK commercial fisherman was with a friend putting a new engine through sea trials for the first time on his 19-foot Fast Worker 19, Sole Trader B11, when he could not restart it. They had already covered about 25 miles out from Weymouth and it was getting late with no one else around. After several unsuccessful attempts to call for help using the radio and their phones, they knew that their only chance to avoid being left to drift as darkness fell was to use Simon’s ACR ResQLink PLB. The device was activated to contact the rescue authorities and they were soon located and successfully towed to safety by the RNLI.

“I always have my PLB when I go out in the boat and encourage everyone to do the same,” said Simon. “It is a very small cost for a device which can make such a big difference. When our engine failed, we had no radio signal, it was late and there was no one around, so the only option was the PLB. Luckily the boat itself was in fine shape, it was the engine that did not work, so we were towed to safety upon the RNLI and UK Coast Guard's response to my beacon call. We were very grateful that our PLB worked.

“I am usually out on my own, which makes it even more important that I carry a PLB, even though I am mostly just operating between Weymouth and St Alban’s Head. I am often in the Portland races which can be challenging. The ACR PLB is very small so you can attach it to clothing or a life jacket and barely notice it. I think making it mandatory to carry a PLB is a very good idea.”

Survivors from across the world who activated ACR Electronics beacons in a life-threatening emergency have joined the ACR SurvivorClub to share their stories and help raise awareness about the best practices to ensure safety, both on land and at sea.

Relating first-hand tales of survival when lost, injured or facing extreme weather conditions while boating, fishing, hiking and hunting, the outdoor enthusiasts came forward to demonstrate the effectiveness of carrying an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) or ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) to alert the rescue authorities.

The 100 survivor mark is celebrated during ACR Electronics’ diamond anniversary year. Available at this year’s Southampton Boat Show on the FORCE 4 CHANDLERY Stand (B017/J247), new products include its compact Firefly PRO SOLAS rescue lights, as well as its C-Strobes and C-Lights waterproof LED personnel distress lights. Additional products by ACR Electronics at this year’s show include the new GlobalFix V4 EPIRB and the ResQLink PLB, plus the AISLink CA1 and CB1 AIS transceivers.

For more information, go to

Welsh anglers to have a new voice

The Angling Trust announced today that it will extend its role representing its growing membership of individual anglers, angling clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and tackle shop owners in Wales; something which was until now restricted to England.

The role will initially be limited to a short list of issues linked to ongoing campaigns that the Angling Trust is already running: salmon netting, agricultural pollution, unlawful canoe access, tidal lagoons, commercial over-exploitation of sea bass, cormorant and goosander predation, abstraction licensing and barriers to migration.

However, if there is substantial growth in membership as a result of this move, the Trust will consider taking on a full representative role as it does in England, campaigning on scores of other issues. It would then appoint new staff based in Wales and form an Angling Trust Cymru Committee.

Steffan Jones, angling guide and author, said: “Welsh angling, in all its forms, needs professional representation and the Angling Trust has proved that it can do this to a very high standard from its work over the past seven years since the English angling organisations unified. I believe that every angler, whatever they fish for, should be a member of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.”

A range of membership packages is available, starting at £29 a year for individuals. Angling club, fishery and riparian owner membership automatically includes a specially-designed public liability, employer’s and trustees’ insurance which is so competitive that it can save clubs and fisheries more than the cost of their membership subscription.

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal, said: “Welsh angling faces some immediate and very severe threats with a widespread decline in many marine and freshwater fish stocks, the potential for legislation to impose unlimited canoe access and proposals for multiple tidal lagoons which could cause huge damage to marine and migratory fish populations. If these threats are to be fended off, anglers must have professional representation in Welsh government, as well as in Westminster and Brussels, where many decisions affecting fisheries are made. We are limited in what we can do at the moment by resources, but if lots of anglers join up, we could do much more to protect fish and fishing in England and Wales in the future.”

There are currently three separate governing bodies for angling in Wales: the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association, the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers and the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers. There is also an umbrella body called Angling Cymru. The Angling Trust has offered to work closely with all of these organisations, which are principally involved in running Welsh angling teams and angling development, to ensure that there is a united voice for all anglers.

C-MAP announces cartography enhancements for 2016


C-MAP, a world leader in marine cartography, has announced a number of enhancements for its C-MAP Max-N+ and 4D cartography which includes improved chart presentations and performance for users of Chartplotters and Multi-Function Displays (MFD’s) from Simrad, B&G, Lowrance (with Max-N +), Raymarine, Furuno, and others (with 4D cartography).

The new enhancements will include improved de-clutter, light sector colours and berthing area labels. Further improvements will be seen in point-of-interest detail and current flows, while changes in sounding fonts and the depth palette colours assist in clearer identification of chart information. The system has been optimised for stable, fast navigation performance and easy access to vector chart data. 

To coincide with Navico’s release of Software Version 2.0, C-MAP has also announced that the new Max-N+ cartography will be fully compatible with the Simrad GO7 and B&G Vulcan series of chartplotters. This development brings all of the latest content, features and functionality of Max-N+ to the compact and affordable 7 inch navigation display systems which are ideal for a wide variety of sail and power boats. 

The system will include Dynamic Raster Charts, detailed satellite imagery and comprehensive marina plans in addition to C-Marina port information and multi-language charts.  There are also enhancements for owners of fishing vessels with High Resolution Bathymetry (HRB) fishing charts which have unparalleled bottom contour data which assists in the identification of selected fishing grounds. Dynamic tide and current information help skippers improve safety and efficiency while improving accuracy for fishing.

The C-MAP 4D Max +, Max-N and Max-N+ are all offered at a special promotional price throughout Europe until the end of June. With the new range of enhancements and availability for an even wider range of chartplotters and MFD’s C-MAP continues to lead the way in cartography for the 2016 season.


Win a trip of a lifetime!

Your chance to join us on an incredible fishing trip to North America’s sunshine state of Florida

Have we got a prize for you! How do you fancy joining us on a fantastic, once in a lifetime fishing holiday to Florida?

Courtesy of Sea Angler and in association with The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, two lucky readers will be accompanying Sea Angler’s Paul Fenech and jetting off to the warmth of Fort Myers located on Florida’s south-west coast.  Once there, you will experience the thrill of trying to catch the king of fish…the mighty tarpon.

This unbelievable prize consists of all flights, five night’s accommodation at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and entry into the fifth “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament taking place on May 7, 2016 (Paul was fifth in last year’s event), where more than $25,000 in prize money was paid out last year.

You will also be invited to the Captain’s Dinner the night before the event to register and meet your fellow competitors at Doc Ford’s Bar & Grill.

There will be an opportunity to visit some famous landmarks such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison’s former winter residence while the beautiful beaches of Sanibel Island are close by.

It’s free-to-enter and all you have to do is collect the tokens in Sea Angler issue 527 and 528 (sorry but photocopies and multiple entries are not allowed) to be in with a chance. Once you’ve collected your two tokens, you then need to tell us in no more than 50-words why you would like to go. Two lucky winners will then be selected and notified. Good luck!

TERMS & CONDITIONS for SEA ANGLER tarpon fishing holiday competition

The competition appears in Sea Angler issues 527 and 528.

The prize draw opens January 14th, and closes at 23:59 March 19th.

Entrants must be residents of the United Kingdom, and aged 21 or over to qualify. Proof of residency may be required to qualify valid entrants. Employees of the promoter: The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel (Lee County VCB) are ineligible to enter this promotion. The promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Eligible Participants.

Entry is via two Sea Angler Magazine issues (527 and 528) via a coupon entry system. All data collected will be pooled for the prize draw, where two winners will be selected to attend a group trip with a Sea Angler representative. Incomplete entries will not be included. It is the entrants' responsibility to complete the entry form in full. The promoter (and prize partners) are not responsible for any postal issues (or other) which impede an entrants' entry being submitted correctly and/or in full. The promoter (and prize partners) are not responsible for any changes in e-mail, mailing address and /or telephone numbers provided at time of entering the prize draw. The promoter (and prize partners) are in no way liable for the reproduction or indirect access via third party web sites or home page access which reproduce mistakes or omits any of the information or terms and conditions connected with the promotion.

The competition prize draw will take place on March 10th, with the lucky selected prize winners notified by March 25th. The winners will be chosen by the editor. The judge’s decision is final, and no further correspondence will be entered into. Once notified (via the email address supplied on the entry coupon), the winner will have 14 days to reply with acceptance of their prize. Should the selected winner not reply within 14 days of being notified, then it will be deemed that the prize winner has forfeited their prize, and a re-draw will take place. Same rules will apply for the re-drawn winner (should this scenario occur). If after 14 days there has been no acceptance notification received, then the prize will be cancelled.

Each winner’s competition prize consists ONLY of the below items

• Holiday prize includes five nights’ accommodation at a three-star or above hotel in Lee County. Each prize winner has their own double or twin room allocated on arrival. In room food/beverages are not included.

• Transfers: Shuttle transfers to/from Fort Myers International Airport are included with transfers to the tournament and practice day on May 6-7th.

• Sustenance: Breakfast is included on each day of stay. Lunch and dinner are included on May 6-7th.

• Transportation: Return economy flights from the UK to Fort Myers via Atlanta or another US gateway are included

• Entry to the “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament, including equipment, boat, skipper and pre-tournament dinner on May 6th, 2016

Travel must will be outbound from the UK on May 5th and will depart the USA on May 10th (arrive back into UK on May 11th) to coincide with the 2016 “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament.

Please note that the following items are NOT included in the prize:

• UK airport transfers

• Additional food and beverages

• Spending money

• Any other excursions, travel, attractions or tips

• Any other personal or medical costs

• Travel insurance and visas

All other expenses are the responsibility of the prize winner/s. Please note that prize travel is strictly subject to availability.

The prize winners must travel together with the Sea Angler representative. All of the travel party must hold a valid in-date passport, and visa (if required) for travel (to be pre-arranged by, and at cost to the winners). Travel insurance is NOT included in the prize, and prize winners must obtain travel insurance for their trip, pre-departure.

The prize cannot be exchanged, refunded or redeemed for cash or any other prize. Once a booking has been made and confirmation provided to the prize winner, no further changes to the booking are allowed. No upgrades allowed. Hotel points cannot be accrued on prize travel. The prize cannot be extended, or amended, or sold.

This prize promoter has the right to change or withdraw the prize draw and/or prize elements at any time, and without prior notice. The prize promoter (and prize partners) also reserve the right to provide substitute prizes (of similar value) should the specified prize/s become unavailable for reasons beyond their control.

The prize promoter and prize partners do not take any responsibility for any liabilities, nor do they take any responsibility for any disappointment, injury or loss incurred by the prize winners from accepting the prize or participating in the promotion. The Promoters further disclaim liability for any injury or damage to your or any other person's computer relating to or resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in connection with the prize draw.

By entering this promotion and ticking to accept the prize draw terms and conditions, you accept that the promoter, and the prize partners, may use your name for their promotional and publicity purposes, without the payment of any fee, nor the requirement for prior notification or permissions. You also accept that by entering this promotion, you will automatically be subscribed to future communications by the promoter, and the individual prize partners, however you may unsubscribe from each individual company's communications at any time.

By entering this prize draw, you agree to and accept the above terms and conditions. Further terms and conditions apply, and may be requested from the prize promoter in writing. This promotion is governed by English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


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