For the price of half a pint of maggots, you can book this pier for a unique night of angling that you’re sure to never forget.

Exclusive access to prolific, private fishing is usually something that’s associated with expensive carp fishing syndicates, but now sea anglers can enjoy non-stop action with all the comfort and security of a commercial fishery.

A key that costs just £1 not only gains you exclusive access and guaranteed security at Garth Pier, in Bangor, North Wales, but you can literally fish from the back of your car and take advantage of first-class facilities.

The fishing here is prolific and this historic structure not only attracts fish in numbers, but it boasts bass to double figures, along with other species, such as cod, pollack, wrasse, mackerel and dogfish.

Gareth Chirgwin, owner of local Anglesey Tackle, the closest shop to the venue, is a regular on the pier and thinks that this is one of the best schemes created for sea anglers in a long time, calling for more venues to do the same.

“I’ve done loads of night sessions here with groups of my mates and the fishing is great – it’s cheap, convenient and completely safe for anglers of all ages. What more could you ask for?” said Gareth.

“This really is like commercial fishing from a pier. There’s a clean toilet block, close and safe car parking, plus it offers some of the best fishing in the area which is exactly what anglers want these days,” he added.

In order to gain exclusive access to Garth Pier for £1, you need a group of 12 anglers and then between you you’ll be given a key that unlocks the gates to your own private mark.

Famous sea angler Henry Gilby, presenter of TV shows Wild Fishing and Fishing On The Edge, thinks this is exactly what the sport needs.

“When people think of sea fishing, they often conjure up images of anglers hopping around on dangerous rocks, but piers are very safe and the fishing is easy, which is perfect for introducing newcomers, especially kids,” said Henry.

“If the fishing is as good as they say, anglers would be mad not to get a few mates together and give it a go,” he added.