If your ambition is to catch a really big fish, then your chances are high if you choose to fish from the rocks at Seacombe, in Dorset. This is your big opportunity to do battle with a hefty conger eel, and some specimens here can weigh up to 40lb.

Tackle should be a match for your surroundings and the possible fish that can be caught.

A big, tough fixed-spool or multiplier reel loaded with a strong 30lb line straight through is the way to go here, and you’ll need a rod with guts. A big, strong hook (something like a 4/0) is the order of the day. Simply hang a mackerel head from it to attract the conger eels.

With wrasse to 6lb, pollack to 5lb and mackerel, garfish and mullet also available, you can change tactics by switching to lighter tackle, or even floatfishing, with ragworms and peeler crabs the baits to use. The best times will be the last hour of an ebbing tide and then the first four of the flood, when the fish will move into the deeper water close inshore.

Be aware, though, if there is a swell running on to the rocks it’s best to stay away and choose a safer venue because the rocks can quickly become swamped.

The walk down to the rocks can be a bit of a hike, and even tougher when coming back up, so don’t overload your tackle bag, and try not to take too much gear just for the sake of it. A simple rucksack packed with all your essentials will be perfect.