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FacCentury Ccc LD Low Diameter.

The Ccc LD is the partner to Ccc and very similar in style and action. The principal difference is diameter hence LD – Low Diameter. The C3 LD is based on a 3/4″ mandrel and the outside diameter is 7/8″ (22mm). The action of the rod is very similar to Ccc and designed to produce a curve that looks like a letter C when under full compression. The tip recovery is very quick and accelerates the lead and bait to greater distance when pure fishing time over rides the need to spend months perfecting advanced casting skills. The prototypes and design feedback has all been through Danny Moeskop’s hands and as you would expect from a man of his experience – his seal of approval means that you are assured of a very competent fishing tool. The rod diameter can have a significant impact on which model to use according to your personal hand size and preference.

The overall weight of Ccc LD is 750 grams (26 ¾ ozs) including the special Century reel seat and stainless coaster. It feels very light in the hand and balances well.

We have applied Autoclave Technology for long term durability and action retention

Normally £229.00 Gerrys Online price £206.00tory Finish: Fuji BNHG guides
Casting Ratio: 4-7oz (125-200gm)
Length: 13′ (3.96m)
Butt Diameter: 7/8 ” (2.22cm)
Butt: 74” (1.88m)