Mackerel, bass and garfish are the mainstay of catches in Eastbourne, East Sussex, which are attracting many anglers to the town’s 1,000ft long pier.

As with a lot of venues, there is a hotspot, and the stern area of the pier always seems to produce the better catches.

Floatfishing and spinning are the two main successful tactics here, especially if you’re after mackerel and garfish. Evening tides, just as the sun is dropping or early-morning sunrises have been the best times.

For bottom-fishing tactics for other species, use a two-hook paternoster rig armed with size 2 Aberdeen hooks, and load them with small worms tipped with a tiny piece of squid, which always seems to attract the flatfish.

Live peeler crabs will also search out any feeding bass, but use a strong hook, capable of keeping a tight grip on any bigger specimens that may be lurking.

Light rods, you can even get away with a decent carp rod, coupled with a fixed-spool reel will give a more sporting session.