TFG Nantec mono fishing line


This is an extra strong and super-soft monofilament line designed to withstand the everyday rigours of shore and boat fishing.

Available options are Redmist, Gunsmoke and Clear for all types of anglers. Whether you are a specimen hunter, rock angler or distance caster, this line is supple with a very high knot strength and resistance to abrasion. Breaking strains start at 4lb and rise to 30lb to suit your style of fishing and venue.

Available from Total Fishing Gear stockists, tel: 08719 117001


Sea Angler score sheet:

Value for money: A superb line with an even better price.

Practicality: Ties a good knot, strong and supple.

Would we buy it?  I use this.

Daiwa Infinity Duo Monofilament fishing line

This duo-coloured monofilament has a distinct two-tone coloration with 20 per cent black and 80 per cent green.

It offers low visibility along with an incredible abrasion-resistance.

The line is very supple and it ties a superb knot with absolutely no slip at all when pulled tight.

For specimen anglers, it is IGFA rated for an accurate breaking strain where 14lb is just 0.31mm in diameter and 20lb is 0.37mm.

Spools carry from 800m to 2100m lengths

RRP:£16.99 per 4oz spool of 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb and 20lb

Available from Daiwa stockists, tel: 01698 355723



Score sheet:

Value for money: The 16lb spool has over 1000m on it – that’s great value.
Practicality: Very supple and ties a super knot.
Would we buy it? The editor has got his eye on this, so it has to be a yes.

Reviewed by Sea Angler, 2010

Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE braid

Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE braid is sold on 150m spools in either 15lb or 20lb breaking strain, and the price is £35 for either. Available only from Veals Mail Order, tel: 0845 644 1993. Web:

Braid is the way to go if you are into fishing for bass with lures, says Henry Gilbey. Here he looks at the eight-strand Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE from Varivas.

The first time I got my hands on a spool of Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE, I took one look and then put it aside because it freaked me out. Compared to more regular braids, the 20lb Max Power PE was a whole load thinner and just did not feel like the braids I was used to.
I was actually worried that it would not stand up to my bass fishing. But after a few months I plucked up the courage to put it on one of my spinning reels and give it a go. And it hasn't come off since.
In truth, Varivas has many kinds of braid, but there are two that currently have the most appeal to us bass nuts. There's the regular Varivas Avani Sea Bass in either 16lb or 23lb, or the top of the line Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power PE in 15lb or 20lb - and they are very different.
Most braids we use are four-strand braids; you know how they feel and fish, and the Varivas braids are at the top end of the market. But it was the more expensive Max Power PE that freaked me out initially; the premium eight-strand being so different to the more regular four-strand stuff. It feels more like silk, in that it is very, very limp, incredibly thin, and it casts and fishes like a dream.
It is also incredibly strong. It was the braid's thin, limp feel that put me off, yet it's these qualities that keep me bass fishing. Once you've fished with a high-end eight-strand braid there is no going back.  Take care tying knots It is worth noting that you have to take extra care when tying knots in these thin braids, like the Max Power PE. It is a very smooth line that will not reward dodgy knots - they will slip if you don't do things properly.
Generally I attach the end of my 15lb or 20lb Max Power PE braid to a short length of 20-30lb fluorocarbon leader using a modified Albright knot, and then put a lock knot in the braid for added security. You would not believe the strength of this connection.

Daiwa Tournament ST monofilament line

Available in 4oz spools from 8-25lb, this is the most durable and abrasion-resistant line Daiwa has ever created.
It’s said to be many times tougher than many others in its class, has a very low memory and after extensive use, it keeps its slick texture. It has been thoroughly tested to abuse level and shown to be very strong, abrasion resistance and with a high knot strength.
Available from Daiwa stockists, tel: 01698 355723

Value for money: A typical 15lb spool contains 1,160m.
Practicality: It’s very supple to use.
Would we buy it? I’m going to give it a try.

Leeda Assassin Mainline

This abrasion-resistant yellow or clear mainline has a UV and saltwater protective coating on its surface to provide it with superior strength.
With equally strong knot strength, the diameter is slightly greater than most other lines in its class, which makes it a perfect choice for using over harder ground.


Value for money: Spools range from 650m-800m so it’s fantastic value.
Practicality: It’s quite soft and supple while still being very strong.
Would we buy it? I used this off the rocks in Northumberland and it performed very well.

Daiwa Tournament Taper Shockleader

Available in either clear or orange, this Japanese extra-strong Daiwa mono shockleader incorporates high impact shock resistance.

Each spool contains five leaders that start at 16lb (0.37mm) and taper to 65lb (0.80mm) with a total length of 43ft – super for getting the leader knot back on the reel when weed appears.

Value for money: Five separate shockleaders cut to length is great value.

Practicality: Helps you to fish on when the weed appears.

Would we buy it? I already use these anyway.

Slinky Shockleader

This strong copolymer shockleader comes on 100m spools of 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and 80lb, and an 80m spool of 100lb.

It is very supple, ties a strong knot and gives minimal line slap after a powerful cast from the beach or boat.

Other qualities include a very high abrasion resistance and a low memory, which are perfect for any angler using it for lure fishing over rough ground.

It can also be used when constructing rigs≤ when a crimp slides over its diameter easily.

To find your nearest Gardner Tackle stockist, tel: 01483 454678


Score sheet:
Value for money: A top quality, strong copolymer for less than a fiver is superb.
Practicality: Very supple and ties a super knot. It can also be used in rig construction.
Would we buy it? The 80lb version is on all my rig bodies.

Reviewed by Sea Angler magazine, 2010

Varivas Sport, Clear and Yellow Sport Fishing Line

Available from Veals Mail Order are three superb lines from Varivas. The Clear is available in 12lb (0.28mm) to 30lb (0.47mm) breaking strains and is a very strong copolymer that is completely clear and won’t spook wary fish.
The Sport is thin, dependable and superb for reaching extra long distances from the beach. Spools come in 15lb (0.35mm) to 30lb (0.47mm) breaking strains. It’s also very supple and sits well on a spool and won’t lift during a powerful cast. The Sport also comes in a hi-viz yellow, it has the same qualities, just easier to see.

Sea Angler score sheet:

Value for money:  With over 1,000m on a spool it’s great value.
Practicality: It casts like a dream.
Would we buy it? Loading my reels now.

Tubertini Gorilla UC4 and Ski-Blue fluorocarbon

Ski-Blue line is used by international anglers across Europe and is available on 300m spools.

It has been further processed with sebacic acid, which means it can avoid overheating from the friction that occurs on rod guides during casting.

Available in diameters of 0.14mm-0.40mm, it is superb for both shore and boat anglers.

The Gorilla UC4 comes on 100m spools and is available in diameters of 0.20mm-0.50mm. It is said to be half the normal diameter of similar mono, while still maintaining a super breaking strain and excellent knot strength.

Available through Tubertini dealers, tel: 02866 347891.

Fox Horizon Pro braided sea fishing line

Anglers who prefer to use braid when sea fishing will find this easy to handle.

It has virtually zero stretch so you can feel everything that is going on at the business end, while the low diameter means you can fill a large spool with enough to get you down to the deepest depths from a boat or make long casts from the shore.

The 30lb version has a diameter of 0.30mm.

Horizon Pro Braid is available on either 150m spools or bulk spools holding 1500m.

Available through Fox dealers, tel: 0208 5596500.

Stren Microfuse Braid

This fused braided line in glacier blue is fluorescent in outdoor light, yet becomes invisible when it is placed underwater.
It will glow hi-vis fluorescent blue in daylight, whether cloudy or sunny, but will glow blue neon with backlight for night fishing. Hundreds of braided Dyneema microfibres are thermally fused for strength and sensitivity.

£39.99 per 300yd spool


Value for money: It’s super smooth and strong.
Practicality: It has zero stretch with incredible sensitivity.
Would we buy it? Braid can be expensive, so we will choose carefully.

Channel Cut Pro fishing braid

This new Channel Cut Pro sea fishing braid is available in 15lb to 50lb breaking strains on 300m spools and coloured grey, this line has a superior tenacity and high abrasion-resistance with virtually no stretch.

It is soft and easy to knot with an ultra-fine diameter. Superb for hauling up specimens from wrecks or lure fishing from the shore.

For more details contact Rod Rings and Things, tel: 01179 322699 or visit

Masterline Walker Rovex Depth Finder braided fishing line

Rovex Depth Finder Braid is multi-colored at 10 yard intervals of blue, orange, green, red and purple to assist with line-out distance to keep your bait or lure in the hot spot!

The braid is also measured in 1 yard intervals with yellow and black markings for even more exacting line-out distances.

Rovex Depth Finder Braid features zero stretch and the special process we use provides a rounder line that eliminates line becoming embedded on the spool which occurs with traditional flat braids.

Available in 300 yard spools in the following breaking strains: 30lb, 50lb, 80lb and 100lb.



Shimano Tiagra IGFA Tournament Class sea fishing line

The Tiagra I.G.F.A line has been specially developed for sea fishing, particularly Big Game tasks.

It has incredible resistance to abrasion and offers low stretch/low memory properties.

Available in a range of spool sizes, each designed to fill a spool from the TLD/Tiagra reel ranges, not only do you get a superb line but also zero wastage.

This line is available in the following lengths and strains:

20lb, 700m, £17.99

30lb, 600m, £18.99

50lb, 900m, £29.99

80lb, 900m, £44.99

130lb, 1000m, £84.99