Dvice Sea Fishing Rigs

After the introduction of the DVice capsule for launching big, bulky or delicate baits with full protection, rigs are now available which are used exclusively with the capsule.
The rigs are all tied using the finest components and the sharpest hooks. Bombers, pulleys, wishbones and Pennells are available and should only be connected to a shockleader capable of casting a DVice capsule.


Value for money: Well tied with quality components and tucked into a re-sealable bag.
Practicality: Rigs have to be perfect for use with the DVice – these are.
Would we buy it? Yes, if pushed for time to construct our own.

Varivas sea fishing hooks

A comprehensive range of Varivas sea-fishing hooks to suit boat and beach fishing uses.

All are made from finest Japanese steel, are tempered fro British requirements, have smaller barbs and neat eyes. They have modified 'sticky' chemically etched points and an extra gunmetal finish to protect the points and protect from rusting.

Choose from a comprehensive range including: Big Mouth, Big Mouth Xtra, Semi Circle, Circle, Plates S/S O'Shaughnessy, Aberdeen, Saltwater Champions, Pennel Big Mouth, Piggy Backs and Taikai Match.

Prices range from £1.75 to £5.95.