PRICE £79.99

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this smock and this is what they say about it…

“Above all, our clothing has to keep the water on the outside. The fabric that our clothing is made from has one of the highest specs you can get, being waterproof to 10,000+ gm/m2/24hrs and it’s also totally breathable.

It isn’t padded or quilt-lined for 2 very good reasons. Internal padding has a big impact on how breathable fabric is. It stops it almost completely. It also means that you’d be far too hot in the summer after a trek with your gear; where you end up taking it all off again.

Our zips mean you can ventilate whenever you need to. So actually, we don’t do drafts unless you want them!

The cuffs of our jacket are made from neoprene and adjust so that they keep the water out. They’re also designed to be used by reel down casters, so that the insides of your wrists are free from flaps of fabric that can catch on your line during casting.

Our hood is adjustable in four separate ways. If you wear a headlight or a hat, the brim will still mould around your face, and the hood will still keep any rain or wind out. So your ears will never suffer again.

Lots of other people’s jackets have pockets, but our pockets are actually big enough to hold a full sized rig wallet or lure box and there are two of them on the jacket. These front chest pockets are also backed by hand-warming fleece.

The side of our jacket has double zips, so that getting it on and off is really fast, even in the rain. They also allow for quick access to the chest pockets on our trousers without having to be a contortionist.”

“Double storm flaps and a double zip make the front of our trousers watertight, but still allow anglers to answer a call of nature without having to inconvenience themselves.

As well as the knee areas on the front, the seat area has a generous and hardwearing neoprene cover for extra comfort and rear asset protection!

The ‘get-your-trousers-on-over-your-big-boots-or-wellies’ bit at the bottom of the legs, uses heavy duty Velcro that won’t rust, corrode or weld itself shut with sand and sea water. They also have an internal cuff that will grip your boots and form a seal around the bottom of your legs.

The trousers have two large and deep cargo pockets on the side of each leg. There are also two chest pockets that, thanks to our two way zips on the sides of the jacket, can be used to store items like mobile phones safely without them becoming inaccessible.

They’re also fleece backed for comfort.”