RRP: £195

At a glance

  • Length: 2.29m/7ft 6in
  • Sections: Four
  • Packed length: 64cm (2ft)
  • Rating: 15-25lb
  • Guides: Fuji K guide alconite
  • Grips: EVA
  • Reel seat: Fuji DPS
  • Butt cap: Fuji gimbal
  • RRP: £195
  • Other models: 25-40lb (£195) & 30-60lb (3-piece £190)

Some fishing rods can fool you. It certainly happened to my friend Terry Thomas. Let me explain. As we set off on the long drive home, I asked: “So, Terry, what did you think of the new Daiwa Tournament four-piece travel rod?” To which he replied: “What travel rod? I wasn’t using a four-piece rod.” Yes, he was!

The fact that Terry didn’t even know is surely a great endorsement for this rod.

Rated for use with lines from 15-25lb, I’d rate the blank in the 20/30lb-class range. The new Daiwa Tournament travel rod has an overall length of 2.29 metres (7ft 6in), yet packs down to just 64cm (2ft), meaning it can be carried easily and safely in your check-in luggage.

The blank is built using Daiwa’s X45 torsion-resistant carbon, which the company describes thus: “Conventional carbon fibres are always layered in a 90° angle, while the new X45 material features a 45° angle, and is combined with 0° and 90° layered carbon fibres, making the blanks stronger and more distortion-proof.”

The action of the blank is noticeably crisp, with a beautifully sensitive tip that blends smoothly into a progressive mid-section, before finally merging into a strong butt section. Bite detection is excellent, and while we were unable to substantiate the rod’s undoubted high build quality with any large fish, on one or two occasions when the terminal rig became snagged the rod proved to be plenty powerful enough to pull free.

The rod is furnished with Fuji fittings, consisting of a high-quality reel seat, nine K guide alconite rings and gimbal butt cap.

This would be a fine travel rod for anglers fishing in Norway, and one I’d happily pack for trips farther afield when seeking tarpon, sailfish and numerous other species. Travel rods are often better than you think.

The Daiwa Tournament X45 Travel Rod retails for £195, and is available from all Daiwa stockists.