The spider knot is ideal for rough ground fishing where the shockleader doubles as a rubbing piece, being easier to master than the Bimini hitch. Do not use this for distance casting over clean ground.

1. Take the mainline and double over a length to make a loop of about 2ft

2. Now make a small loop with at least 15in or so of double line above it

3. Hold the loop between thumb and forefinger and wind the double line around the loop and your thumb. Hold the loop as shown so you can space the loops along it

4. Make four loops in all, nicely spaced and ending at the top of your thumb

5. Pass the end of the double line through the small loop

6. Slowly pull through the loop, allowing the coils to roll off your thumb only one at a time

7. Use plenty of saliva for lubrication to stop heat generating and damaging the line when snugging up the knot

8. The hitch part of the knot. Note it is not pulled up completely tight

9. You should now have a large loop of mainline. The tag end can be cut off, although not too close at this stage

10. Pass the end of your leader through the loop so about 6in protrudes

11. Hold the end of the loop and leader together betweenyour thumb and forefinger. Then startwinding the leader tag around the loop

12. Make three turns of the leader around the mainline loop down towards the hitch

13. Make one and a half twists back towards your thumb and forefinger

14. Now pass the tag end between the two sides of the loop in the mainline nearest your thumb

15. Pull it up nice and tight, not forgetting to add some saliva. After trimming off the tag end it should look like this picture The finished knot. Don’t worry about the long loop because, with practise, you will be able to reduce the length.