Know your fish | Porbeagle Shark

This is a large, thick-set shark that can be found in the uppermost layers of the open ocean. It is widespread throughout the northern hemisphere between Europe and America.

Although the porbeagle can sometimes be found and caught in the North Sea, this is a rare occurrence. You are far more likely to encounter porbeagle shark around our southern and westerly coasts.

The maximum length and weight for porbeagle sharks as a whole is around 3m and 500lb, but you are more likely to encounter 2m and 350lb porbeagles around our waters.



This thick-set shark has five gill slits. It also has large triangular teeth that have small cusps at the side of the base.

They tend to be deep blue or grey/blue on the back. This merges into a pale cream colour underneath.

The first of the shark’s dorsal fins begins directly above the base of the pectoral fin. The much smaller secondary dorsal fin is situated along the tail, immediately above the tiny anal fin.


Although the porbeagle shark can often be found cruising near the surface and in the upper layers of the water, they feed on fish that dwell both near the surface or on the bottom.

Basically, they will feast upon anything that swims.


The porbeagle gives birth to live young, around 2-5 fish upon each breeding. They are born at a length of around 50cm.

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