Know your fish | Undulate Ray

This is one of our most distinctive rays. It is predominantly found in the south of England and Ireland.

It prefers sandy bottoms to depths of 200m, but will feed to a depth of 45m. The undulate rays reaches a length of around 1m in Britain, but it is capable of growing larger than that is warmer climates.



The undulate ray can be distinguished from other rays by its colour pattern. The upper side of the rays can be a multitude of different shades of brown. You will find that it is covered in long wavy brown lines that are accented with rows of white spots.

The wings are rounded, the snout is very short, and it has a series of spines. You will find these along the tail, around the eyes and along the centre of the body.


The staple diet if this ray is bottom-dwelling creatures and fish:- dabs, plaice, squid, gobies, crabs and crustaceans.

The best baits for rays are crab and worms. Tipping the baits with strips of squid can attract more fish to bite.



Little is known about the breeding habits of the undulate ray, other than they lay quite large red/brown egg capsules that are covered in fibres. These are laid during the summer, when water temperatures are high.

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