The red bream is mostly found over deep, rough ground, over rocks and wrecks. It is present all around the British Isles and Ireland, when afloat over deep water, but it is far more common around our southern-most coastlines

The average size for a red bream is around the 2.5 to 2.5lb mark, but there have been red bream recorded weighing over 5lb.


This sea fish has a classic bream shape in that it has a deep body plus very large eyes. This clearly denotes the fact that it prefers deep water.

The colour of the red bream is a red/pink across the back and flanks, merging to silver.

There is a dark patch on the sides, near to the gill cover, plus the mouth is laden heavily with sharp teeth.

The dorsal fin is long, half of which has spines. The tail fin is forked and the pectoral fin very long. All of the fins are dark grey.


The diet of the red bream comprises mainly small fish, crustaceans and squid.


The red bream can be found breeding in only the warmer seas off the south-west of Britain. This occurs during the height of summer.