Cleaning the ball bearings of a Daiwa SL20SH Multiplier reel

You need to remove the bearings from the reel and drop into a jar containing petrol. Agitate the bearings and then use the end of a pencil through the middle to remove and spin them. Do this a couple of times to make sure they are really clean.

Dry the bearings on a piece of kitchen roll. Leave a few minutes to let the petrol evaporate, then drop into another jar containing suitable oil. Agitate again to get the air out of the bearings. Leave for a few minutes then remove onto kitchen roll to remove the excess oil, then pop them back into the reel.


1 Unscrew and remove the screws on the end plate and push the spool towards the end to displace the cap

2 Remove end plate and then the spool

3 Remove screw holding the retainer plate

4 Remove the ratchet ring

5 Take out the bearing retainer plate

6 Remove the spacing ring and then the bearing

7 The second bearing is in the opposite end plate - use tweezers to remove the circlip

8 A bent wire can be used to remove the bearing

9 Use petrol to clean the bearings then oil to lubricate

10 Wipe off surplus oil and reassemble reel