Keeping your shore rigs tangle-free

How many times have you unwrapped your shore rigs to have to untangle them with your freezing cold hands?

Well Alan Yates has taken on board an idea from the continental sea fraternity and has begun using a series of simple rig winders that ensure his rigs are safe, the hooks are out of harm's way and they unravel quickly and easily every time.



Alan Yates shows how he stores his sea rigs, keeping them safe and tangle-free at all times.

Creating a pennell sea fishing rig

Catching big sea fish like smoothhounds means presenting a big bait, but how do you do this effectively without causing yourself problems? Sea fishing expert Alan Yates has all the answers in the form of the Pennell Rig…

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Video - picking the right shockleader when beach fishing

In this short free video, Alan Yates from Sea Angler magazine shows you exactly what shockleader you need for both multiplier reels and fixed spool reels whenever you are beach casting.

He shows a couple of readers, who each use different types of fishing reel, which shockleader would perform best with their reels, and clearly explains why some reels prefer tapered leaders while other reels are best equipped with normal shockleaders.

He details the knots that are best to tie them, and also explains what strength of leader is required for different reels and different weights of sinker.




John Wilson's tips for choosing lines and shockleaders for sea fishing

Angling TV star John Wilson has used a multitude of lines for his sea fishing over the years, both monofilament line and braided line.

Finding a reliable, strong and supple line for beach and boat fishing has been the holy grail, but now, after months of experimentation, he's finally found it.

In this video John explains the advantages of his chosen lines and braids, plus details a couple of great knots that are ideal for linking shockleaders to fishing mainlines...



Alan Yates' Pulley Rig

The Pulley Rig is Alan Yates' favourite sea fishing set-up for tackling big fish over rough ground.

It is easy to tie and creates a superb free-running link that ensures the lead always rises above any snags on the sea bottom.

In this short video he shows the rig's uses, how it's created and reveals why it's one of the best rigs a shore angler can use.



Alan Yates on disgorging sea fish

Alan Yates is widely respected on the sea-angling circuit, so when he offers some advice it's hard not to take notice.

In this video he shows how easy it is to remove hooks from sea fish, providing you know how to use a Gemini Disgorger correctly.

He also shows how to handle rough-fleshed dogfish too, to prevent your hands and arms being torn to shreds!



Alan Yates' Rig Stops trick

Do you ever wish that you could make a shore rig that's fully versatile? Do you ever want to alter the position of the bottom hook trace, but you can't be bothered to re-tie another rig?

Well, Alan Yates has come up with a neat idea that does away with locked crimps to attach the bottom boom, and instead uses simple rig stops, enabling him to slide his boom to whatever position he desires. This is how it's done...



Richard Holgate's pendulum casting tips

Richard Holgate knows a thing or two about beach fishing, being an angler of Home International standard and absolutely deadly on the Essex match scene. Here he shows how to reach those far off fish efficiently using the pendulum cast. It the one cast that every aspiring beach and shore sea angler ought to learn, so this video will help you enormously...




Setting up a beach buddy

Former World Champion and expert tackle developer, Ian Golds, has a really simple trick up his sleeve to ensure that absolutely any shore and beach angler can quickly and easily set up a beach buddi single-handledly, even when it's blowing a howling gale...



World Champion and tackle developer, Ian Golds, shows how easy it is to set up a beach buddy single-handedly, even when fishing in a gale.

John Holden's Top Casting Tips

Founding father of the Sea Angler Casting Club and long-time sea fishing expert, John Holden, knows a thing or two to help reach those far feeding fish. Here he passes on a few very simple ideas that he uses that ensure he always presents his rigs right on the fish's noses!


Founder father of the Sea Angler Casting Club and long-time expert beach angler, John Holden, passes on some of the tip tops that he uses to ensure that his rig always reaches the fish, no matter how distant they are from the breakers. Some say that the best things in life are the simplest... and this video just proves that point!

Rigs for beach fishing at range

Alan Yates details the rig he uses for sea fishing at range, utilising impact leads and cascade swivels to ensure the baited hooks are released when the rig settles on the sea bed.

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