New Anyfish Anywhere beach fishing rod range

The incredibly popular beach rod range from Anyfish Anywhere has just got better!

Julian Shambrook, Anyfish Anywhere's Managing Director, has been hard at work redesigning three new beach rods to make them even better, more responsive to bites, and generally a whole lot more user-friendly.

Sea Angler magazine's Paul Fenech met up with Julian on Norfolk's shingle shoreline to discuss the new developments and see how the MK2 Match Rod, the Mk2 Big Beach and the Mk2 International rods perform.

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Huge skate out of Oban and west of Scotland

With two record skate weighing 250lb and 280lb boated off Ireland last week, specimen hunters Steve Younger, Mark Fox, Andy Dickinson and Ian Halls took a trip up to Oban in Scotland to discover just what makes this giant flatfish such a magnificent adversary.

Their session began catching bait fish in the rich waters off the west coast of Scotland - mainly mackerel, of which there were plenty to go at.

Then the charter boat moved off to the skate's feeding zone in the Firth of Lorne, anchored up and the lads set to work baiting their rigs and waited for the skate to hunt the baits down.

They captured plenty of action throughout the trip which is available to view on the video below.

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Paul Fenech on the new Sonik skS beach rod

How much money are you prepared to spend on a beach rod? For any time-served shore angler, the answer would probably push into many hundreds of pounds but what if you are just starting out?

Sonik, the Northumberland tackle company, has realised that first-time shore anglers suffer when choosing their first rod so decided to do something about it. Its solution was to launch the skS range of carbon beachcasters.

Sea Angler tries it out...



Fishing in Norway

If you’ve dreamed of catching biggest cod in the world that grow to over 90lb then you’ve got a reason to celebrate as Angling Times can exclusively reveal that one of the sports biggest holiday companies has unveiled plans to offer trips to brand new locations in Norway.

Anglers World holidays are currently carrying out trials at awe-inspiring locations in the North Norwegian sea, which have not only been labelled ‘breeding grounds for record-breaking fish’, but already produced huge cod  to well over 80lb.

It’s such specimens that will provide the ultimate angling holiday that will be within the reach of every fisherman in the UK and you can now see exactly what you can expect from the best cod fishing in the world by watching this exclusive video footage.



Watch the biggest blue shark ever from UK waters being landed

The heaviest blue shark ever in UK waters has just been captured, weighing in at a colossal 222lb.

Caught by angler Wayne Little during a charterboat trip with AT columnist Martin Bowler out at Milford Haven, West Wales, breaks the current record by over 4lb. However, thanks to British Record Fish Committee rules the capture is set to become yet another example of an historic sea catch that will never make the record books.

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Keeping your shore rigs tangle-free

How many times have you unwrapped your shore rigs to have to untangle them with your freezing cold hands?

Well Alan Yates has taken on board an idea from the continental sea fraternity and has begun using a series of simple rig winders that ensure his rigs are safe, the hooks are out of harm's way and they unravel quickly and easily every time.



Alan Yates shows how he stores his sea rigs, keeping them safe and tangle-free at all times.

Tope taken from the rocks in north west Wales

Ashley Martin has fished the marks in north west Wales for many years, and others on Anglesey. On this paticualar trip Ashley and his friends where fishing for mackerel for the local old folks, where they cut and wash the fish on the mark.

Ashley had tried a head on the bottom while they fished for the mackerel and both the rod and stand were almost dragged into the sea.

The following days they came prepared, fishing two rods - a 12ft Supercast and 12ft Abu. One had a large fixed spool Rovex Big Boss with 30lb Berkley Big Game line, the other Abu 7000 multiplier with level wind removed and Diawa Tournament 30lb line.

He used bimini twist knots on the end leading to a Gemini clip. The rig comprised a pulley with 60lb grey Greased Weasel, 200lb crimped nylon, and a yellow impact lead, 8/0 Sakuma hook.

The bimini twist always snaps the 60lb line if snagged, which shows how good this knot is, considering it was tied to 30lb line, albeit quality line.

Ashley quickly realised that a large pack of tope, and possibly some bigger sharks had moved into the area. This may have had something to do with the small lobster nets he had been dropping in on the previous three nights. Enjoying the crab, prawn and loster for breakfast, they may have acted as giant swim feeders for the shark.

He had been loading them with all the heads, tails and guts from the old folk's mackerel.

The pack was so big. for a week every bait which hit the sea - usually a mackerel head - was taken within 20 minutes by a large fish, sometimes much quicker.

Ashley hooked some fish which were not going to be landed, the most memorable one being on for an hour or so. They saw the shape some 30 foot under the water, but fearing it had gone round a commercial pot, he eventually pulled for a break, not wanting to tire the hooked fish to exhaustion.

He landed 1, 2 or 3 tope a day for a fantasic week's fishing. The average was about one landed for every five runs.

The video below shows the last fish he caught - not the biggest, but a nice fish nonetheless.

After this one, the fishing died off. The sharks may well have cleared the area of all food fish, and it even took a few days for the mackerel to start to show again.

Creating a pennell sea fishing rig

Catching big sea fish like smoothhounds means presenting a big bait, but how do you do this effectively without causing yourself problems? Sea fishing expert Alan Yates has all the answers in the form of the Pennell Rig…

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Getting the best from peeler crabs

Peeler crabs make superb baits for many sea fish, but are often wrongly used. Alan Yates reveals how to get the best from peeler crabs, shows when to use them and how to prepare them for the hook quickly and effectively.

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Preparing and hooking shellfish

Shellfish, such as mussels, limpets and razorfish, are much under-rated as bait. Fish go wild for shellfish after storms, when they can find broken shells easily. Here Alan Yates teaches you how to remove the bait and use shellfish on the hook.

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How best to hook sandeel

Hooking sandeel correctly can increase the chances of catching massively. Alan Yates shows his preferred method, using a 1/0 or 2/0 long shank hook, making sure the bait oozes juices and blood to attract plenty of fish.

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New ABU and Penn fishing tackle for 2010 visited the Penn and ABU Garcia trade show to video the latest new sea fishing tackle that the companies are due to launch in time for the 2010 angling season.

Mike Thrussell - an expert sea angler in his own right, and technical advisor for Penn and ABU Garcia - took time out to reveal and explain a small selection of what the companies have to offer.

You will see the latest boat rods, a fantastic new multiplier reel development, an extremely powerful fixed spool reel from Penn, plus many more new rods from the companies including the rebirth of a beachcasting legend from ABU.

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Video - picking the right shockleader when beach fishing

In this short free video, Alan Yates from Sea Angler magazine shows you exactly what shockleader you need for both multiplier reels and fixed spool reels whenever you are beach casting.

He shows a couple of readers, who each use different types of fishing reel, which shockleader would perform best with their reels, and clearly explains why some reels prefer tapered leaders while other reels are best equipped with normal shockleaders.

He details the knots that are best to tie them, and also explains what strength of leader is required for different reels and different weights of sinker.




Sea Angler's Ireland fishing safari video - part 3

This is the final video in a series taken of Sea Angler magazine's rock fishing adventures on the Ireland coast.

In this short film you'll see a fine wrasse landed, plus Alan Yates hauls yet another spotted ray from the roacky outcrop on the Atlantic coast.

Alan shows how best to remove the hooks from the strong jaws of a ray, how to identify this particular species, and how best to grip them - perfect to know if you're having your photo taken with a ray.

This video is the third in a series taken of the lads fishing the Irish coast.

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Sea Angler Irish sea fishing safari video - part 2

Every year the team and contributors from Sea Angler magazine head off to Ireland for their Sea Fishing Safari - and this year is no different.

Here the team continue their week-long exploits fishing off the rocks at Ballyreen, in County Clare, searching for all manner of different species.

They catch pollack, dogfish and wrasse in this short video, plus sea match angler extraordinaire Alan Yates shows how best to rig a sandeel for spinning...

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Sea Angler team rock fishing in Ireland video - part one

Here's a video of the Sea Angler team and friends when they recently visited and fished from the rocks at Ballyreen, in County Clare, Ireland.

The team were ther to put together a series of great instructional features to help you catch lots more fish from shore and rock.

In this short video you'll see plenty of fish action with thornback rays, pollack and spotted rays being landed, together with Alan Yates revealing a few tips and tricks that show how best to hook sandeels...

This is the first of a three-part series - parts two and three will be added very shortly.

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