Sea Angler issue 559


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ACROBATS OF THE SEA - Exciting sport with garfish.

THE QUARRYMEN - Wrasse and garfish from the Purbecks.

ALL CHANGE FOR COD - How tackle choice has evolved.

DOWN YOUR WAY - Great places to fish on the Isle of Sheppey. 

LESS IS MORE - The quiet revolution in bass fishing.

LURE A LEERFISH - Great holiday fishing in Mallorca.

THE MEAL DEAL - Feeding habits help you catch more.

THE BIG INTERVIEW - Face to face with Clive Vedmore.

ANGLING ADVENTURES - The team go in search of gilthead bream.

TRY THE NEKO RIG - Use it for light rock fishing.


BIG WHITING - How to catch with lures.

BATTLE WITH GIANTS - Fierce fights with common skate.

FISHING WITH BARHAM - Get to grips with bull huss.

DREAM DAY AFLOAT - When a boat trip went according to plan.

PORT SPOTLIGHT - The action out of Essex Marina.

SUMMER SIZZLERS - Kayak fishing for bass and hounds.