Sea Angler issue 558


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TARGET TURBOT- Experience some superb beach fishing.

WHY WATER COLOUR MATTERS - Where you need it to avoid a blank session.

ANGLESEY ADVENTURE - Stunning places to fish in North Wales.

ASSESS, ADAPT AND ACCOMPLISH - Lure fishing advice from Marc Cowling.

THE BIG INTERVIEW - Henry Gilbey meets Lure Heaven boss.

LURE CHUCKER’S PARADISE -Discover another side of Norway.

ANGLING ADVENTURES -Andy Webb checks out Brean Down.


THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN - Holyhead skippers are back in business.

LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN - Catch action from the Species League.

FISHING WITH BARHAM - A rare capture of two mid-double turbot.

PORT SPOTLIGHT - Focus on boat action at Ramsgate in Kent.

ANGLER OR PADDLER? - Kayakers find their place in sea fishing.


HOW TO FISH THE ROUGH - Simple guide to baiting with a crab.

NEW TOY, NO JOY! - Cure your new rod casting problems.

THE KNOWLEDGE - All about boat sport for halibut.

KNOW YOUR KNOTS - Find out how to tie the bristle boom rig.