Sea Angler issue 560

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POLE POSITION - Catching smoothhounds in South Wales.

SILVER SHINERS - Great tactics for catching wily mullet.

BURIED TREASURE - A hidden gem for great summer fishing.

A CRUSH IN CRAWS - Why you must try creature baits for wrasse.

WIND CHEATERS - Get to grips with casting lures into a breeze.

BRIGHT SKY BASSING - How to catch in sunny conditions.

SUMMER ROCK TIPS - Ten great LRF tips from Jake Schogler.

ANGLING ADVENTURES - Old and new friends fish the Bristol Channel.


FISHING WITH BARHAM - Enjoy exciting sport with summer pollack.

SHARKS ON THE FLY - How it’s done – the facts not the fantasy.

TAKING ON THE BIG ONE - Dave Barham fishes the Barracuda Tour.

PORT SPOTLIGHT - Sample the delights of Ilfracombe.

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE - Fighting to rehabilitate Fleetwood.

RECORD BREAKERS - A stunning day’s light-tackle action.

SHARK FEVER - Mark Crame’s ‘love affair’ with sharks.