PENN Sea League


The latest results from Britain’s biggest event for shore match anglers. All matches up to and including 14th May.



8th: Reg Willis Memorial open, Hastings 15 anglers

Result: 1st Mark Hurcombe, Deal, 2 fish 65 points (1); 2nd Rex Palmer, Hastings, 60 points.

8th: Seahouses Street SAC Easter Open, 99 anglers.

Result: 1st Ged Stevens, Barrow in Furness, 1lb 7oz flounder (9); 2nd Gareth Griffiths, Barrow in Furness, 6lb 14oz (8), 3rd Paul Tuck, Maryport and Chris Stringer, Whitley Bay, 4lb 11oz (7).

9th: Gynn wall, 22 anglers.

Result: 1st David G Hutchinson, Morecambe, 4 fish 101cm (2); 2nd Tony Baxter, Clay-le-Moore, 3 fish, 66cm (2); 3rd Mark Taylor, Blackpool, 2 fish, 57cm.

10th: Shoreham Open, Burrell’s, 30 anglers.

Result: 1st Mick Tapsell, Folkestone, 5 fish, 73 points (3); 2nd Saul Page, Deal, 3 fish, 52 points (2); 3rd Colin Carey, Worthing, 1 fish, 51 points (2).

15th: Colwyn Bay Victoria Sea Anglers winter series, Conwy River, 30 anglers.

Result: 1st Scott Davies, Abergele, B zone, 7 fish, 1.83m (3); 2nd Tony Bob, Anglesey, A zone, 6 fish, 1.63m (2); 3rd Tommy Harrison, Liverpool, B Zone, 6 fish, 1.60m (not registered).

15th: Southern League round 4 of 12 & open, Stokes Bay 54 anglers. Result: 1st Danny Mogridge, Portsmouth, 23lb 6oz (5); 2nd Darren Newland, Ryde, 21lb 14oz (4); 3rd Paul Simmons, Faversham, 21lb (3). Biggest fish was a ray of 10lb 15oz landed by Colin Carey, Worthing (2).

15th: Anglers Corner West Wales Shore League Teams of 5 and Open, Cefin Sedian, 30 anglers.

Result; 1st Peter Hammond, Ferryside, 135cm (3); 2nd Nathan Brown 101cm (not registered); 3rd Paul Thomas, 75cm (not registered).  Biggest fish 51cm bass landed by Peter Hammond.

16th: East Anglian teams of five and open, Aldeburgh, 58 anglers.

Result: 1st Barry Diaper, Stowmarket, 25 fish, 435 points (5); 2nd Steve Adams, Chelmondiston, 23 fish, 394 points (4); 3rd Richard Burt, Clacton, 14 fish, 320 points (3). Zone winners: Jason Banham, Ipswich (2); Ian Battle, Stowmarket (not registered). Biggest fish was a codling of 49cm 116 points landed by Matt Frost, Woodbridge (2).

16th: ACSA Aberavon Open Aberavon 84 anglers; 4 zones continental pay-out.

Result: 1st Shaun Moore, Cardiff, zone 2, 100cm, 2 dogfish (8); 2nd Mark Cowell, Llanwit Major, zone 1, 82cm dogfish and a flounder (7); 3rd Roy Tapper, Marshfield, zone 4, 71cm 2 flounders (6). Zone winner: Z3, Rhys Lewis, Port Talbot (3); Gerald John, Caerphilly (3) and Alun Price, Neath (not registered), all with 50cm dogfish. Longest fish went to Chris Jenkins, Bridgend, with bass of 54cm (3).

16th: Hornsea SAC RNLI Open, Sewerby Steps to Paull lighthouse, 104 anglers.

Result: 1st Andy Crowe, Scarborough, smoothhound 2.725kg (10); joint 2nd Mike Coates, Hull (9), and Tony Thompson, Hornsea, 2.10kg, (not registered); 4th Phil Walker, Sigglesthorne, 1.95kg (not registered); 5th Mike Coates, 1.85kg, thornback ray. Biggest bag: 1st Mike Coates, 6.875kg; 2nd Andy Crowe, 6.45kg; 3rd Wayne Davidson, 5.875kg. Ladies biggest fish: S Moore, bass (1.25kg). Junior biggest fish: D Laws, 0.075kg.

22nd: Bonkers Bank Open, A nice evening for the first ever open match at Bonkers Bank. It’s a fairly new venue in recent years with the sand dunes building up has turned into a very good fishing spot. 335 fish were caught between 30 anglers. Species caught were bass, codling, whiting, flounders, dabs, plaice and a surprise 38cm turbot for Brett Bartram which it very rare for the Humber.

Result: 1st George Smith, Grimsby, 22 fish, 560 points (3), 2nd Chris Fisher, Aldbrough, 15 fish, Hull 403 points (2); 3rd Brett Bartram, Barton, 11 fish, 380 points (2). Top junior angler was Rex Taylor, 9 fish, 208 points.

22nd: Maryport and District SAC, Spring Open, 63 anglers.

Result: 1st Ray Mallinson, Maryport, 1lb-3½oz  plaice (not registered); 2nd = Joe Pattinson, Maryport, 1lb-3¼oz plaice (not registered); Antony Cole, Millom, 1lb-3¼oz plaice (5).  Juniors: 1st Reagan Tinnion, Maryport, 1lb-8¾oz dogfish; 2nd Liam Holm, Maryport, 13¼oz plaice.

23rd: Newport & District Open St Brides 102 anglers

Result: 1st Chris Equall, Cardiff, 2 conger eels 3.67kg (10); 2nd Dai Ridge, Rhondda Valley, 2 conger eels 3.65kg (not registered); 3rd Steve Roberts, Cardiff, 1 conger 3.26kg, which was also the biggest fish of the day (not registered); 4th Shaun Moore, Cardiff, 1 conger eel for 2.47kg (7); 5th Cyril Cross, Cardiff, 1 conger eel for 2.40kg (not registered)

23rd: Kent Flounder League Round 4, 31 anglers.

Result: 1st Colin Dobner, Sheerness, 245cm (not registered); 2nd Lee Collins, Gillingham, 238cm (2); 3rd Kevin Chapman, Sheppey, 221cm (not registered).

23rd: 48th Chesil Championships 69 anglers. It was great to see this match back up and running again after the difficulties of the past several years.  The match was fished between Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock to Dragons Teeth, Abbotsbury. Fishing proved fairly difficult but with several decent rays caught also dogfish, whiting, pout and plaice.

Result: 1st Dean Francis, small eyed ray, 3,544g (not registered); 2nd Mike Taylor, small eyed ray of 3,449g (5); 3rd Adam Cullingford, 1 dogfish, 1 whiting and a plaice, 2,466g (4). Top Lady: Jane Johns with a pout weighing 505g. Top Junior: Archie Sweetland with a dogfish and pout.

23rd: Ipswich Sea Anglers, The Alby Clements Memorial open, Aldeburgh, 64 anglers.

Result: 1st Barry Diaper, Stowmarket, 22 fish, 354 points (6); 2nd Matt LF, Ipswich, 20 fish, 284 points (5); 3rd Lee Caley, Debenham, 15 fish, 268 points (4). Zone winners: Z1 Mark Wilson, Lowestoft (not registered); Z2, Dave Buggs, Ipswich (not registered); Z4, Ste Adams, Chelmondiston (2). Top junior: AJ Adams, 7 fish, 54 points. Biggest fish was a dogfish of 60cm landed by Lee Caley.

29th: Westend beach, 30 fished.

Result: 1st Anthony Cole, Milliom, 6 fish, 229cm (3); 2nd Neil Cutler, Gateshead, 6 fish, 206cm (2); 3rd Gareth Gardiner, Sunderland, 5 fish, 159cm (2).

30th: Westlands Angling Centre Spring Open. 84 anglers.

Result: 1st Juzy Hawkshead, Withernsea, 2.70kg bass (not registered); 2nd Paul Kemp, Hull, 2.50kg (not registered); 3rd Mike Trehane, Sleaford, thornback ray 2.025kg (6).

30th: Skua Open, Pwhelli, 35 anglers.

Result: 1st Shane Russel, Old Colwyn Bay (3); 2nd Gary Wood, Holyhead (2); 3rd Shaun Tucker, Swansea (2).


6-7th: Holt Sea Anglers Bass Festival, 134 anglers. Result: 1st Nathan Elliott, Dover, 2 points (20); 2nd Henry Randle, Bodham, 3 points, 3209 fish points (19); 3rd George Smith, Grimsby, 3 points, 2843 fish points (18); 4th Gareth Gardiner, Sunderland, 4 points (17); 5th Saul Page, Deal, 5 points, 2574 fish points (16); 6th Shane Russell, Old Colwyn, 5 points, 1334 fish points (15); 7th Adrian Bordianu, Taverham, 5 points, 1132 fish points (14); 8th Craig Buy, Colchester, 6 points, 1190 fish points (13); 9th Matthew Frost, Woodbridge, 7 points, 1832 fish points (12); 10th Andrew Pemberton, 7 points, 1704 fish points (not registered).

Zone winners: Ben Shepherd, Maryport, (4); Sam Collier, Deal, (4); Paul Harrison, Aldeburgh, (4); Dave Shorthouse, Kettering, (4); Steven Walker, (not registered); Joe Plumstead, Pevensey Bay, (4); Dai Loder, Cwmbran, (4); Colin Crosby, Hastings (4); Mark Rogers, Maidstone.

6-7th: Tralee SAC Tag a Ray, 131 anglers. Once again Tralee Bay SAC hosted the annual Tag-A-Ray competition. Anglers dotted all-round the bay caught a mixture of painted, thornback ray, undulate and stingray. The marine institute fitted tags and acoustic tags to these catches to better understand the life cycle of the rays. Longest ray of the weekend was an undulate ray of 87cm landed by Finn Healy using a squid cocktail. 65 Rays were caught in total.

Result: Day 1: 1st Fiachra Cronin, 4 Rays, 322pts; 2nd Chris O’Sullivan, 3 rays, 243pts; 3rd Martin McGowan, 2 rays, 169pts. Day 2: 1st Troy Francis, 5 rays 381pts; 2nd Kevin Hayden, 3 rays, 232pts; 3rd Ian O’Grady, 2 rays 155pts. Overall: 1st Fiachra Cronin, Tralee Bay, 6pts (13); 2nd Chris O’Sullivan, Tralee Bay, 9pts (12); 3rd James Raymond, Limerick 12pts (not registered); 4th Finn Healy, 15pts (not registered).  Longest fish landed by Finn Healy, 87cm undulate ray

6th: Samalite Chesil League round 4 of 11, Chesil Centre, 33 Anglers. The clash with Charlie’s coronation was unfortunate but there was still a reasonable entry. Heavy rain to start the day which cleared in time for the match, there was a breeze from the south west and a small swell followed by a much bigger swell when the fog hit the beach.  Recent reports of long sessions with no bites proved to be accurate as only 18 anglers managed to find fish, nine in each zone.  The last hour with darkness made very little difference with baits coming back untouched.  Species caught included bass, pout, conger, smoothound, dogfish, whiting, grey gurnard and huss.

Result: Richard Dorgan, Bristol (3); Mike Taylor, Eastleigh (2); Jeff Fisk, Bournemouth (2). Zone A: 1st Lloyd Summers, 123pts; 2nd James Lane, 120pts; 3rd Till Hall 90pts. ZB: 1st Rich Dorgan, 375pts; 2nd Mike Taylor, 160pts; 3rd Jeff Fisk, 144pts.

7th: Marine Beach, 12 anglers.

Result: 1st Stuart Dewhurst, Preston, 8 fish, 251cm (1); 2nd Tony Baxter, Clay-le-Moore, 7 fish, 244cm; 3rd David G Hutchinson, Morecambe, 7 fish, 239cm.

13th: Colwyn Bay Victoria Sea Anglers, Dock Road Connahs Quay, 30 anglers.

Result: 1st Bill Lindfield, Greasby, B zone, 11 fish, 3.94m (3); 2nd Steve Bonner, Liverpool, A zone, 12 fish, 3.79m (2); 3rd Chris James, Colwyn Bay, B zone, 7 fish 2.69m (not registered). Longest fish, 58cm bass landed by Bill Lindfield.

13th: Southern League round 5 of 12 & Open, Bournemouth, 63 anglers.

Result: 1st Ben Arnold, Brighton, 163oz (6); 2nd Adrian Martin 157.5oz (not registered); 3rd Joe Wales, Shoreham 153oz (4). Zone winner: Colin Carey, Worthing, ZC (2). Biggest fish was a thornback ray of 152oz landed by Peter Lee (not registered).

13th: Anglers Corner West Wales Shore League, Teams of 5 and Open, Cefin Sedian, 24 Anglers.

Result: 1st Steve Tucker, Neath, 222cm (2); 2nd Peter Hammond, Ferryside 147cm (1).

14th: North West Federation of Sea Anglers, Rock Channel, 36 anglers.

Result: 1st Jim Morris, Chester, 423cm (3); 2nd Shane Russel, Old Colwyn, 418cm (2); 3rd Tom Hughes, Bangor, 343 cm (not registered).

14th: East Region Shore League Omore and Porthcawl, 76 anglers. Weather conditions where again almost spot-on with a moderate westerly wind. The fishing was exception throughout with good bags of dogfish present along the whole of the fishing marks. 74 out 76 anglers caught fish totalling 615 kg consisting of 10 different species: dogfish, bull huss, pouting, conger eel, spotted/small eyed/thornback rays, whiting, codling & smoothhound.

Result: 1st Rory Jenkins, Tonyfrail, 22kg, dogfish, bull huss and a small eyed ray (7); 2nd Scott Busher, Maesteg, 19kg 27 dogfish a smoothound and a spotted ray (not registered); 3rd Shaun Tucker, Swansea, 18.26kg dogfish and a thornback ray (5). The heaviest fish was small eyed ray of of 4.02kg landed by Lee Brimfield (2).

Top 5 Individuals after 3 legs; 1st Rory Jenkins with 289 fish points, weight of 33.1kg; 2nd  Shaun Tucker with 273 fish points, weight of 24.9kg; 3rd  Deane Downe with 261 fish points, weight of 21.7kgs; 4th  Roy Tapper with 259 fish points, weight of 22.3kg; 5th  Steve Ellis with 257 fish points, weight of 19kg.

Top five teams on the day: 1st  Team Knockout Baits with 442 fish points & 14 team points; 2nd  Sakuma Match Team with 388 fish points, 13 team points; 3rd  South Wales match Men with 375 fish points, 12 team points; 4th  Team Turkana with 374 fish points , 11 team points; 5th Dave Richard Match Team with 353 fish points, 10 team points.

Top Five Teams after 3 legs; 1st Sakuma Match team with 38 team points; 2nd South Wales Match Team with 37 team points; 3rd Garry Evans Math Team 35 team points; 4th Team Knockout Baits 34 team points; 5th Dave Richards Match Team with 30 team points.

14th: Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers league 2023

Montrose beach, 45 anglers.

Result: 1st Stevie Burns, Dunbar, Zone C 19 fish 381 points (4); 2nd Michael McLoughlin, Zone A, 10 fish 267 points (not registered); 3rd Stevie Barrett, Zone B, 8 fish 198 points (not registered). Longest fish was a 36cm flounder landed by Neil McMillan (not registered).  Junior Winner was Callum Strang, 5 fish 110 points.

14th: Commercial SAC Withernsea Spring Open 96 anglers.

Result: 1st Darren Pashby, Driffield, 2.295kg ray (9); 2nd Steve Ingleston, Whitby, 2.295kg ray (8); 3rd Rob Smith, Withernsea 2.245kg bass (not registered); 4th Andy Bates, Louth 2.2kg ray; 5th Paul Short, Redcar, 1.94kg ray.


REMINDER Entries will only be accepted from the match organiser at least eight weeks in advance. Results must be emailed to within seven days of the event. Those not received by then risk being declared void for Penn points.

What’s On


27th: Anglesey Match Anglers Open, Holyhead Breakwater 13:00-1800pm. Match will be fished measure-weight conversion, conversion charts will be on your peg with your match cards 18cm minimum size limit,3 hooks,1 rod, no mackerel, launce or herring to be weighed in, set length for dogfish (50cm) and silver eels (40cm), rays measured wing to wing. No white rag, 100 peg limit, separate junior, pre-book, contact Dave Cave: 07493 149584

28th: Leinster league, Kilmuckridge, Ireland, contact Alby Allan for details

28th: FFA Beach Section, Cumbria Open, booking in Walney Promenade, draw 11.30-12.30pm, fishing 13.30-16.30pm, 90 pegs, £20 entry, pre-pay, contact


3rd: Reel Fun League and Opens, best 5 from 6 matches, draw 4.45pm, fishing 6-10pm, maximum 60 pegs, 3 zones, 1 rod, 3 hooks, £20 entry per match, £50 league entry, pre-book and pre-pay only, 100% pay-out, contact: 07900 651071

3rd: Commercial SAC Kev Hewitt Memorial Withernsea, 11:30-5.30pm, catch and release, longest single fish prize and longest total length, pre-book, 60 pegs, contact Nick Marshall: 07843 413280 or Dave Hart: 07791 900003

4th: Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers league2023,RiversideDrive12-5pm, pegged, Chris Horn: 07872 944807

4th: Foords Open, heaviest single fish, boundaries west pier Whitby to south pier Bridlington 9-2pm, weigh-in by 3 at the Foords Hotel, Filey. For more information contact Scott Blowman: 07934 049126,

10th: Stanah, fishing 3-7pm book on at car park 1.30pm, 2 hooks, £20 entry, pegged 15cm min size, pre-book only Hutch: 07547 633288 or Tony: 07702 229015

10-11th: SAMF Masters Pendine South Wales, contact PENN Tony Thomas: 07780 793141 PLUS

11th: Reel Fun League and Opens, best 5 from 6 matches, draw 11.15am, fishing 12.30-4.30pm, maximum 60 pegs, 3 zones, 1 rod 3 hooks, £20 entry per match, £50 league entry, pre-book and pre-pay only, 100 per cent pay-out, contact James Madsen: 07900 651071

11th: North West Federation of Sea Anglers, Otterspool, fishing 1.30-6.30pm. Pre-book only, Heather Lindfield: 07572 593272 or messenger.

11th: Humber Summer League 2023, SAMF Sea League team of five qualifiers, East Halton 10:30 to 14:30, meet 9:00 to 9:30, straight measure everything counts, no minimum size limits, no bait bans, no minimum hook size maximum 40 pegs, £20, pre-book only, Brett: 07834 559265

17th: Reel Fun League and Open, best 5 from 6 matches, draw 4.45pm, fishing 6-10pm, maximum 60 pegs, 3 zones, 1 rod 3 hooks, £20 entry per match, £50 league entry, pre-book and pre-pay only, 100 per cent pay-out, contact James Madsen: 07900 651071

17th: Southern League round 6 of 12 & open, Lee on Solent, 8pm-1am, pegged, measure & return, undersize fish count as 1oz, £15 match entry, £5 pools, £10 pair, team of five free, 2022 League entry £25, booking ends one hour before start, book only, Darren: 07919 073232, Mike: 07983 579596, Ian: 07736 004714 or Ant: 07775 691916. Nick:

24th: Samalite Chesil League round 5 of 11, Abbotsbury, 7-midnight, best 8 results from 11, couple of rule changes which means the league will be catch, measure and release to the new SAMF chart for all species. Fish may be kept for the table or for bait but must be marked by snipping the tail after it has been recorded. No crab, including cart, whites or maddies. Pre-book only, Dave Lane: 07977 132951 Dave Lane:

25th: Angling Cymru Sea Anglers East Region Cardiff Foreshore. Contact Ivor Smith: 07854 829590

25th: Knott End, fishing 2.30-6.30pm, book on at car park 1pm, 2 hooks, £20 entry, pegged 15cm min size, pre-book only Hutch: 07547 633288 or Tony: 07702 229015

25th: Anglers Corner West Wales Shore League Teams of 5 and Open, North Channel 3:30-7:30pm, Chris Isaac: 07831 308344




*All anglers who are registered and have scored points up to and including 14th May

Shane Russell Old Colwyn 55
Ged Stevens Barrow in Furness 47
George Smith Grimsby 46
Saul Page Deal 39
Darren Bond Lancing 36
Joe Wales Shoreham 36
Ben Arnold Brighton 35
Henry Randell Bodham 34
Nathan Elliott Dover 32
Philip A Lee Sussex 31
Dave Shorthouse Kettering 30
Adrian Bordianu Taverham 23
Ben Shepherd Maryport 23
Gareth Griffiths Barrow in Furness 22
Lee Smith Hull 21
Rob Marshall Taunton 21
Rob Tuck Holland on Sea 21
Alan Price Rhyl 20
Dave Delaney Walker 20
Mike Coates Hull 20
Sam Collier Deal 20
Scott Moore Hartlepool 20
Gareth Gardiner Sunderland 19
Gavin Owen Consett 18
Julian Shambrook Torquay 18
Richard Yates St Margaret’s Bay 18
Dave Llewelyn Barry 17
Jim Morris Chester 17
Paul Medd Scarborough 17
Craig Buy Colchester 16
Darren Browne South Shields 16
Matt Frost Woodbridge 16
Paul Parsons Eastbourne 16
Steve Adams Chelmondiston 16
Craig Bradshaw Ipswich 15
Darren Pashby Driffield 15
Matt Malia Rotherham 15
Rory Jenkins Tonyfrail 15
Till Hall Bath 15
Dave Hutchinson Blackpool 14
Steve Potts Gosforth 14
Chris Clark Sway 13
Chris Jones Porthcawl 13
Fiachra Cronin Tralee Bay 13
Roy Tapper Cardiff 13
Shane Giles Deal 13
Adam Johnson South Shields 12
Chris O’Sullivan Tralee 12
Kevin Warner Horncastle 12
Tom Wells Deal 12
Andy Clark Redcar 11
Barry Diaper Stowmarket 11
Cameron Turner Felixstowe 11
Jimmy Price Abergele 11
Joe Arch Llanishen 11
Andy Crowe Scarborough 10
Danny Woodcock Weymouth 10
Dave Bielby Scarborough 10
Neil Cutler Gateshead 10
Wayne Davidson Thornton 10
Alan Combe Kirkcaldy 9
Chris Fisher Aldbrough 9
Colin Carey Worthing 9
Shaun Tucker Swansea 9
Simon Dawber Blackpool 9
Anthony Cole Millom 8
Bill Lindfield Greasby 8
Chris Read Cardiff 8
Dave Cave Holyhead 8
Jordan Hunter Sunderland 8
Scott Davies Abergele 8
Shaun Moore Cardiff 8
Steve Ingleston Whitby 8
Wayne Leason Hull 8
Alby Allan South Shore SAC 7
Chris Stringer Whitley Bay 7
Ian Marshall Driffield 7
Mark Cowell Llantwit Major 7
Mark Rogers Maidstone 7
Mike Taylor  Eastleigh 7
Paul Tuck Maryport 7
Tony Thomas Sheringham 7
Aidan O’Halloran Lisdoonvarna 6
Ben Bradstock Honiton 6
Garry Hutson Cleethorpes 6
John Hopkins Bridgend 6
Leigh Rogers Milford Haven 6
Lewis Clark Rochford 6
Mark Shortt Bray SAC 6
Mike Treharne Sleaford 6
Nicky Robson Wallsend 6
Noel Fogarty Dublin 6
Orry Turner Isle of Man 6
Peter Hammond Ferryside 6
Ralph Crosby Hastings 6
Simon Phelps Milford Haven 6
Tony Owen Wales 6
Anton James Portsmouth 5
Ben Richards Ramsey 5
Brian Maxwell Saltcoats 5
Bruce Lawrence Ipswich 5
Chris Horn Kirkcaldy 5
Dan Mogridge Portsmouth 5
Franco Attanasio Saundersfoot 5
Karl Fogarty Dublin 5
Kenny McCoy Sunderland 5
Kevin Hughes Port Talbot 5
Kevin Lewis Dundee 5
Matt Lay-Flurrie Rendlesham 5
Mick Tapsell Folkestone 5
Paul Simmons Faversham 5
Simon Drayton Gainsborough 5
Steve Boyt Felixstowe 5
Adam Cullingford Crewkerne 4
Adam Davies Llanelli 4
Colin Crosby Hastings 4
Dai Loder Cwmbran 4
Darren Newland Ryde 4
Gary Wood Holyhead 4
Ian Nelson Grimsby 4
Jake Wakeford Jnr Portishead 4
Joe Plumstead Pevensey Bay 4
Lee Caley Woodbridge 4
Leigh Davies Porthcawl 4
Luke Mooring Dover 4
Mike Horn Kirkcaldy 4
Paul Harrison Aldeburgh 4
Steve Bonner Wallasey 4
Steve Burns Dunbar 4
Stuart Dewhurst Preston 4
Terry Hartnell Axminster 4
Tony (Bob) Roberts Holyhead 4
Andy Pasfield Dundee 3
Becky Lee Hythe 3
Chris Jenkins Bridgend 3
Daniel Campbell Arbroath 3
Dave Pinchbeck Dartford 3
Gerald John Caerphilly 3
Ian Reynolds South Benfleet 3
Keith Bathgate Edinburgh 3
Kerry Saint Hastings 3
Lloyd Summer Caerphilly 3
Louie Smith Deal 3
Mark Cousens Bearsted 3
Mike Watts Fakenham 3
Paul Stevens Worthing 3
Rhys Lewis Bridgend 3
Richard Burt Clacton 3
Richard Dorgan Bristol 3
Robert Stebbings Aldeburgh 3
Simon Springell Watchet 3
Steve Swan Herne Bay 3
Tony Baxter Clayton-le-Moors 3
Alfie Brown Peterhead 2
Allan Hughes Holyhead 2
Andy Masden Bristol 2
Andy Reeves Sheerness 2
Andy Young Lancaster 2
Brett Bartram Barton 2
Carl Edwards Bootle 2
Connie O’Sullivan Kerry 2
Darren Stevens Bristol 2
David G Hutchinson Morecambe 2
Jacob Gainey Folkestone 2
James Madsen Clevedon 2
Jason Banham Ipswich 2
Jason Carter Doddington 2
Jay Cityzen Blackpool 2
Jeff Fisk Bournemouth 2
Keith Warren Clevedon 2
Kevin Eley Ipswich 2
Lee Brimfield 2
Lee Collins Gillingham 2
Malcolm Stote Lymington 2
Mark Gooch Lowestoft 2
Matt White Lancaster 2
Mick Snelling Selsey 2
Mike Fox Withernsea 2
Mike Hughes Bangor 2
Mike Kyle Easthouses 2
Nick May Hastings 2
Phil Cooper Wallasey 2
Sam Creasey Woodbridge 2
Simon Pattinson Rosyth 2
Steve Tucker Neath 2
James Waygood Watchet 1
Jason Brown Bridgwater 1
Kelly Jay Carter Sussex 1
Kevin Green Norwich 1
Mark Hurcombe Deal 1
Richard Gormley Courtown 1
Steve Williams Jarrow 1
Tom Ryder Worthing 1
Tony Watters Aberdeen 1


The winner of the April 2023 monthly competition is Chris Jones from Porthcawl with 11 points from one event.


With £10,000 in tackle prizes the points, based on entries, are awarded to the top three plus section winners and captors of the largest fish caught in each designated Penn match. Penn also awards a prize of a Spinfisher fixed-spool reel to the angler scoring the most points in matches shown in each issue. If there is a tie, the winner will be the angler whose total is from the greatest number of results and is then chosen on merit by the editor. An angler can win only one reel during the year. To win a prize you must be registered with the Penn Sea League – supply your name, address, phone and email. Send fixtures, results and league registration by email to Ian Bowell: