sea angler shimano mission

Fancy winning tackle from Shimano by catching a fish? Your target is to catch one over the weight given on our nominated species list. If you do, you automatically win a Mission Accomplished badge, as well as being in with the chance of winning a great monthly tackle prize.

Each issue we award a Shimano Beastmaster CX bass spinning rod or a Socorro saltwater 500 reel to the captor of the best shore fish, chosen on merit. The top boat angler each issue, chosen on merit, gets a Speedmaster AX Boat Slim 20/30 rod or TLD20 multiplier reel. There is no choice of prize, which is awarded at our discretion.


• Only fish caught in the last month are eligible. • We must see a picture of the fish. We may refuse an entry. • You can claim one badge per species in an issue. • A further badge can be awarded in future only if you set a new personal best. • Prizes are as stated.  • The editor chooses the winners and no correspondence will be entered into on decisions.

Mission targets

Catch a fish of this weight or above in your region to qualify for a badge. South is the area below a line drawn from the River Mersey to The Wash. North is the area above a line drawn from the River Mersey to The Wash.


                            Shore    Boat

Bass                                             8lb          9lb

Black bream                                2lb          3lb

Red bream                                   2lb          3lb

Couch's & 
Pandora's bream                         1lb 8oz   1lb 8oz

Gilthead bream                           4lb          4lb

Ray's bream                                 3lb          3lb 

Brill                                               3lb          5lb

Bull huss                                      8lb          12lb

Cod                                              7lb          15lb

Conger                                        20lb        40lb

Dab & megrim                            1lb          1lb

Dover/lemon sole                      2lb          2lb

Flounder                                     2lb          2lb

Ling                                             5lb          19lb

Mullet                                          4lb          5lb

Golden grey mullet                    2lb          2lb

Plaice                                         2lb          4lb

Pollack/coalfish                        6lb          12lb

Common skate                        60lb        100lb

Blonde ray                               12lb        17lb

Thornback ray                        9lb          14lb

Small-eyed/undulate             7lb          11lb

Ray (other)                             3lb          5lb

Sting/eagle ray                     20lb        25lb

Smoothhound                      10lb        14lb

Spurdog                               7lb          11lb

Tope                                    27lb        35lb

Turbot                                 10lb        13lb

Wrasse (ballan)                  4lb          4lb

Wrasse (other)                   1lb          1lb

Blue shark                           -           60lb

Porbeagle/thresher           -          113lb


                                    Shore    Boat

Bass                             6lb          7lb         
Black bream                1lb           2lb

Red bream                  2lb          2lb

Couch's &
Pandora's bream         1lb          1lb         
Gilthead bream           2lb         2lb

Ray's bream                 3lb          3lb

Brill                               2lb          4lb

Bull huss                      7lb          12lb

Cod                              7lb          15lb

Conger                        19lb        30lb

Dab & megrim             1lb          1lb

Dover/lemon sole       2lb          2lb

Flounder                      2lb          2lb

Ling                            5lb          18lb

Mullet                         3lb          4lb

Plaice                         2lb          4lb

Pollack/coalfish        6lb          10lb

Common skate        60lb        140lb

Blonde ray               10lb        14lb

Thornback ray         8lb          13lb

Small-eyed              6lb          10lb

Ray (other)              3lb          4lb

Sting/eagle ray      20lb        25lb

Smoothhound        8lb          9lb

Spurdog                6lb          10lb

Tope                     27lb        35lb

Turbot                   4lb          12lb

Wrasse (ballan)    3lb          3lb

Wrasse (other)      1lb          1lb

Blue shark                        52lb

Porbeagle/thresher         155lb