Top 10 Tackle Selections From First Look in 2023


The Berkley Sick range is a family of six types of soft baits, designed to cover every situation you will face on the water. This on is the Sick Flanker which is a high-profile paddle-tail that creates a high amplitude vibration on every retrieve speed. This bait makes a lot of noise and is particularly useful for “power fishing” and when searching for fish. The lures  start at 6cm going (95g) with eight colours and designs added to the range in 2023.


■ PowerBait scented soft baits ■ Very supple material ■ Heavy flanking action at any speed  ■ Life-like and bright colour patterns

■ High-profile soft bait ■ High amplitude vibration at every speed ■ Perfect for power fishing and as a search bait

RRP: £2.99-£12.99 from

HTO Nebula Lure Fishing Reel

The new Nebula is an ultralight reel designed specifically for the modern lure angler in a range of sizes suitable for LRF fishing up to bass and general lure fishing. It is constructed with a sealed, graphite body that keeps water out of the gearing and helps to reduce corrosion from saltwater considerably. To further keep weight down, the rotor is also constructed from graphite. Internally, the gearing is cold-forged aluminium which offers a high level of durability with a micro module crown and pinion for increased smoothness and effiiciency. A super-reinforced main shaft avoids any twists and vibration when playing large fish. Completing the guts of this reel are five high quality stainless-steel ball bearings and one continuous anti-reverse bearing. The drag is powerful, built from a multi-layer disc system constructed of carbon and stainless-steel discs. Carbon offers increased grip and power to the drag. The reel also has a high strength spool made from customised aluminium is fine with both braid and mono. A machined, aluminium handle with ergonomic EVA power finishes this fine reel off.

■ 4 sizes of reel ■ Ball Bearings: 9+1 ■ Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

This reel retails from rom £104.99 at


Spidewire is one of the best braids on the market its a leader in line performance, and Dura Braid is the most  abrasion-resistant conventional braided line on there market. It is 25 per cent tougher than most conventional braids. Its designed for maximum abrasion resistance when spinning over rough ground or on wrecks. It has almost zero stretch – 3% at break point. It has little or no memory and is very sensitive when fishing lures.

It retails at £13.99 per spool from


The Freams LT reel is a hi tech reel with some interesting features and it offers enhanced retrieving power. The body and the rotor are made of super rigid Zaion V which provides a distortion proof housing for the gears. This maintains the remarkable smoothness and improved feel when under load. The proven MagSealed rotor prevents intrusion of water, salt and abrasives and, in combination with Zaion V, ensures an extended lifespan of the gears and their smooth rotation. The ATD drag offers a minimal starting resistance, suiting finesse and thin lines, bringing a heightened responsiveness. The newly designed Tough Digigear delivers optimal power transmission and higher durability. The twin lipped long cast spool reduces casting resistance – ideally suited for light lures and rigs.

This reel retails at from £150 at


The PENN Conflict Elite is a series of Japanese style inshore rods designed for bass angling. The incredible lightweight High-modulus 40T Nano Infused carbon rod blanks make the rod light to handle and provide an excellent balance of stiffness and sensitivity. The blanks are finished with Carbon X-Wrap technology to make the blanks even stronger and providing better casting accuracy. The sensitivity in the upper part of the blank will let you feel even the smallest bite and is perfect for working your lure, while the beautiful backbone in the mid and lower part will help to set the hook properly and keep the fish out of any structure. The best anti-tangle FUJI SIC K-type guides and FUJI reel seats give are making these rods really lightweight yet very durable.

The Elite retails at around £290 from


RCD seven-inch Magnum Lock Pliers from Rapala are heavy-duty pliers built from stainless-steel and coated with cerakote to give them additional protection against abrasion and corrosion. A reversible MagSpring locks the pliers in the closed position when not in use and when reversed acts as a spring to hold a fi sh’s jaws open and ready. Other features include: replaceable carbide cutters for braided, monofi lament and fluorocarbon line and wire up to 15lb: hybrid jaws with an interlocking front grid for a secure grip on hooks and a crimping tool to help rigging. The pliers come with a neoprene sheath and a handy coil lanyard.

Retails at £76.49 from


If you have a well-developed, powerful casting technique and are looking for extreme casting performance, the Ultegra XR Surf is a great option. Built using some of the most advanced carbon technology available, the extra fast action has incredible tip recovery and efficiently converts your casting power into tip speed, launching leads massive distances. The extreme long range casting performance of the Ultegra XR Surf is generated by combining a selection of Shimano’s most advanced carbon technologies. The High Modulus full carbon blank also contains exclusive Spiral X and Hi-Power X which noticeably reduces blank twist when under pressure and increases tip recovery as the lead is released. Available in many variations, including models with Fuji Lowrider Alconite guides and Fuji DPS reel seats, all rods have the Shimano Cast Control Grip to facilitate a strong hold with the bottom hand when casting.

Priced at £359.99-£379.99


XTRA TUF boots are immensely popular and used by all manner of anglers and fi sherfolk. The ankle deck boot ICE was designed to work on wet ice while simultaneously being able to transition to other wet surfaces. This new boot features Glacier Trek Pro, Xtratuf’s proprietary ice gripping compound paired with slip-resistant rubber. The ICE boots have a lightweight rubber upper that is 100 per cent waterproof and include a faux shearling lining for quick drying comfort and warmth. We’ve tested these boots and they are certainly hard wearing and very comfortable.

These boots retail at £120


There has never been a lure like the Squidtrex and there are three great ways to fish Squidtrex when jigging. You can also cast the Squidtrex at pelagic species such as tuna and it’s incredibly effective. Manufacturer, Nomad, claims there has never been a lure that can do what the Squidtrex does. This saltwater fishing lure uses special  technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body. It can be jigged vertically both fast and slow, or cast and retrieved like a vibe. Perfectly weighted the Squidtrex vibrates on the lift, has a subtle shimmy on the fall and sinks fast and level to get down to where the fi sh are.

■  Unique vibrating action unlike any other Squid lure ■  Super strong TPE soft plastic ■  Internal through wire construction and extra belly eyelet for stinger hook ■  Comes rigged with super strong BKK assist hooks ■  UV and glow colours ■ Two per cent squid scent added

Retails at 15.99 to 18.99 from

The Geoff Anderson Dozer waterproof jacket

One of the highest quality jackets on the market with perfectly balanced materials and a design for demanding situations.

 The makers have developed the fabric so that the lifetime and the breathable water-repellent effect waterproofness are dramatically improved. Detailed tailor features and methods have been added, which also contribute to higher wear resistance and prolonged service life.


 100% waterproof and breathable fabric ensures you a dry and comfortable feeling even in the heaviest rain and wind. Dozer and Urus 6 does not even fear salt water. Total saltwater resistant design which includes the latest generation of YKK® AquaGuard® zippers.

The jacket features a cutting-edge hood with one hand adjustable draw cords. The elasticated adjust system allows you to personalize the fit to exactly your head even if you wear your farvourite cap. The new wrist/cuff closure includes our latest Hypalon closure with moulded and patented Velcro® and built in gloves.

Retails at £399 from