Aberdovey Wooden Jetty sea fishing mark

The wooden jetty is used both by working boats and yachts, but also by the Outward Bound Centre. This means it is very busy by day so fishing at this time is not recommended, but you are likely to have the place to yourself at night.

There is a deep, sandy gully, running in from the main estuary channel towards the jetty, flanked by rising sandbanks in front and to the right-hand side. The fish run through the gully working along the jetty's length looking for food.


Founders all year. Bass, eels, garfish and mullet in summer. Plaice to long casts to the main channel. Occasional mackerel in the evening. Late August to November for big bass over a spring tide high water. Whiting, dogfish and dabs over high water from September to Christmas.


Peeler crabs will catch flounders, eels, bass and plaice. Sandeels are good when legered or float fished for big bass, as is a half fillet of mackerel fished tight to the jetty. Lugworms attract whiting, dabs and dogfish. Tip off with fish for bigger whiting. Mackerel flesh with no skin attached or harbour rag and bread are good for mullet


A flowing trace leger rig takes most species. A light outfit, such as a bass or carp rod, is fine with a small fixed-spool reel and 12lb line. Float fishing takes mullet and garfish, or go fish size 14 hooks baited with scraps of fish. Longer casts with a sandeel or crab towards the sandbank can pick up better bass or flounders. Use a swimfeeder holding mashed fish and bran to attract flounders and eels. The same mix scattered under the jetty excites the mullet.


From the A487 at Dovey Bridge, take the A493 to Aberdovey. The road travels along the seafront with a large car park to the left. The jetty is in front of the yacht club and only 100 yards from the car park.