Carn Du Sea Fishing Mark, Lamorna

Carn Du is the rocky outcrop on the northeast corner of Lamorna Bay and offers deep water at most states of the tide.

It is best fished on a flood tide with high water in summer between 8pm-10pm.

The outer face offers a greater variety of species than the inner face, although the latter, sheltered with the wind between north and east and with less tidal flow, is more suitable for float fishing for wrasse over the kelp beds.

It is impossible to fish the southwest face because of a rock called The Heaver, which covers and uncovers at half tide.


Mackerel, garfish, pollack, scad, wrasse and conger eels. The better garfish and mackerel appear in spring and early summer.

Night is best for conger eels, bull huss and the odd big pollack.


Worms for wrasse and small pollack, mackerel strip or sandeels for spinning for mackerel and garfish, with larger fish baits for bigger pollack, congers and occasional huss.

Fairly heavy tackle with rotten bottoms should be used for congers. Use a multiplier with 15-20lb line with a suitable shockleader for the larger bottom species over kelp beds. Take plenty of rotten bottoms if you intend to leger in the kelp.

Lighter spinning/float tackle is suitable for mackerel, garfish, smaller pollack and scad. Fish float tackle over the rough ground from the seaward side casting towards The Lizard into the main tidal flow. Float-fished worm baits fished either side of the outcrop will give wrasse.


Park in the main car park in Lamorna Cove. Cross the small footbridge over the stream just beyond the row of cottages and follow the coastal footpath from Lamorna Cove to Mousehole around the northern side of the bay.


West Cornwall Angling, 1 Alexandra Rd, Penzance, tel: 01736 362363.

Opening times: 9am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday, 9am-1pm Sunday.

Bait: Lug and rag, plus frozen bait.

Directions : Park in the main car park in Lamorna Cove. Cross the small footbridge over the stream and follow the coastal footpath to Mousehole around the northern side of the bay


Season : Spring and early summer