Dover Admiralty Pier Sea Fishing Mark

The inner section of the Admiralty pier at Dover is famed for its summer mackerel, but in winter it’s the extension that produces the goods. It’s the best shore cod mark in the south of England by a mile. This year lots of fish between the 2lb and 5lb mark are being landed and they should continue to show well into the New Year.
The only problem for anglers is the extremely strong tides that run along the wall either side of high water. A fixed wire Gemini yellow head grip lead is essential here – breakout leads are not good enough.

The best time to fish during the winter, especially in the New Year, is from high water down and into darkness.

A bonus for winter anglers is that the pier extension, from the Turret outwards, is often closed in summer when a cruise ferry is docked. In winter though, activity is far less. For details of Admiralty pier cruise ferry dates and club membership, contact Dover SAA, tel: 01304 204722.


In winter the codling arrive in force along with big pouting, whiting, dab and dogfish. Bigger cod show from mid November through to January, with the chance of a 20lb fish to a whole squid or Calamari/lugworm cocktail.
In summer, bass are landed regularly from the pier extension and the end to fresh mackerel baits cast out and allowed to drift to the pier head, 50lb line is required for this tactic.
During summer there are mackerel to feathers around high water with the first half near the Turret the hotspot.
Other species include garfish, scad, pollack, pout, bream, gurnard, plaice, wrasse and mullet. Some big smoothhounds are caught from the extension on peeler crab in the summer.


Fresh black and yellowtail lugworm are the best all round bait with Calamari squid an essential cocktail in winter.
For big cod, a big bait is required to deter big pout, whiting and dogfish. Large bunches of common lugworms can sometimes be very effective with peeler crab deadly in years when there are lots of codling, like this one.
Sandeel is a good standby bait and catches the dogfish, whiting, pout and codling.
A 6oz yellow head Gemini fixed wire is the first essential with 15lb (0.35mm) mainl line improving its bottom holding capacity during the flood tide.
Make sure you use a strong leader knot like a Bimini twist because the bottom is muddy in places and a fixed grip sticks. There is no need to cast more than 50 yards and a long leader helps when lifting fish up the wall.
The favoured terminal rig is a one up one down paternoster with a three hook flapper the matchman’s choice.
Size 1 hooks should be the minimum because of the strong tide with 3/0 and upwards for the cod.
For the bass a six foot long flowing trace and twin 6/0 Pennell is best and always take a net.


Winter opening times:
Sunday to Thursday, 8am – 4pm and 4pm – 9pm.
Friday and Saturday, 8am – 4pm and 4pm – 6am.
In the summer, the evening opening is extended.
Tickets: full membership £3.00, associated members £5.00, non members £6.00, juniors and OAP’s £2.50.
Pier direct, tel: 01304 225138.


Channel Angling, 158-160 Snargate St, Dover, tel: 01304 203742.
Opening times: 7am – 5pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7am – 6pm Friday, Saturday. 7am – noon Tuesday, Sunday.
Bait: Fresh lug, rag and selection of frozen baits.

Bill’s Bait and Tackle, 121 Snargate St, Dover, tel: 01304 204542.
Opening times: 6.30am – 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 6.30am – 6pm Friday, Saturday. 6.30am – 1pm Sunday.
Bait: Fresh lug, rag and selection of frozen baits.

Brazil’s Anglers Den, 162 Snargate St, Dover, tel: 01304 201457.
Opening times: 7am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. 7am – 4pm Sunday.
Bait: Lug, rag and selection of frozen baits.



Number of lakes/pegs : -
Prices : -
Directions : Dover is accessible via the M2 / A2 or M20 / A20. take the third exit on the second roundabout from the A2. There is plenty of safe parking around the pier entrance (clampers operate so buy a ticket). It’s a long walk to the pier end and a trolley is advised..