Drigg Scar Sea Fishing Mark

Drigg Scar lies four miles south of the Sellafield nuclear plant and offers fishing on to a mix of rough ground and sand.
The scar can be accessed two – two and a half hours either side of low water depending on the size of the tide and conditions.
The front is generally rough ground with the northern side offering clean ground. The fishing is best during dark hours in a south westerly wind.
Care should be taken to time your exit from the scar, as the tide floods round the back and can’t be seen from most of the fishing points.

Summer produces bass, dogfish, conger and silver eels. Winter months produce codling, whiting, pouting and rockling.

Crab and worm baits will take their share of bass, as will spinning a popper plug in calm conditions. Dogfish and conger will take mackerel and sandeel baits.
The start of winter will see peeler crab the top bait for cod, with worm taking over as winter progresses.
A standard beachcaster rod and reel loaded with 20lb – 25lb should be fine. Terminal tackle will depend on what type of ground you are fishing.
For clean ground use a two hook flapper with a 5oz – 6oz breakout lead.
Use a pulley rig in the rougher ground.

Cumbria Angling Centre
5 Tangier Building, George Street, Whitehaven. Tel: 01946 693233
Opening times: 10am – 6pm Tuesday – Friday.  9am – 5pm Saturday. 10am – 2pm Sunday.
Baits: Fresh and frozen baits available.

Graham’s Gun and Tackle
9 – 15 South William Street, Workington. Te: 01900 605093
Opening times: 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Baits: Live ragworm plus frozen baits.

Number of lakes/pegs : -
Prices : -
Directions : Take the A595 heading south past Sellafield, to the village of Holmrook. In the middle of the village turn right for Drigg. Turn left over the railway line and follow the road to the end where there is a car park. The beach and scar are only a short walk in front of you.