Hope's Nose Sea Fishing Mark

This is a long-abandoned sea quarry capable of delivering a wide variety of species. The area is justifiably one of the most popular in the region.

It fishes well all year and is particularly good in the winter. There is an extensive area of low, flat rock in the centre and baits placed on it stand a good chance of being taken. There is a good depth of water to the far right and fishing in the vicinity of the outfall area is often productive, even though it is cleaner now. There are many rock platforms.


Cod, whiting, pouting and coalfi sh in winter. Wrasse, mackerel and garfish in summer.


Squid, cuttlefish, lugworms, harbour ragworms, defrosted sandeels and crabs will all catch here.


Standard beach gear measures up to the requirements. A two-hook pulley is now dominant, but a paternoster rig and single-hook leger rigs are used.

Directions : The Nose is roughly 400 feet below Torquay's Marine Drive, where there is endless road parking during the winter. The path down is well defined and basically easy, except for the final 30 feet or so which is down over steep rocks which requires a little care
Season : Winter

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