Littlestone-on-Sea Fishing Mark

The recent sea defence work at Littlestone has replenished this beach, although some of the old groynes have been thinned out reducing the number of fish-holding gullies close to shore. However, when the tide retreats for half a mile during spring low tides it exposes a large expanse of sand and mud packed with worms and shellfish. This attracts fish from far and wide when the wind is driving the sea onshore. Beware of the mud holes. The red brick water tower is the venue's landmark, while the best fishing stretches from the tower east to Pirate Springs.


School bass charge around in the surf in summer, while in calmer seas and towards the evening during high tide the venue is increasingly popular with a growing population of smoothhounds, plus pouting, flounders, eels and occasional soles or plaice. In winter expect whiting, dabs, codling, pout, rockling and flounders. Best in daylight because the sea is always coloured. During darkness the region's fish often visit other venues that have clear water in daylight.


The locally-dug, gutted black lugworms are best for most of the year, although after a storm the shellfish that wash up are gorged on by fish and it is a good idea to look for the shells at the low water as the tide comes in after a blow.

Fish can be taken at all ranges, but distance pays on occasions for all but the bass, so a clipped rig is favourite. A standard 5oz grip lead weight is sufficient. The tides runs west to east during high water.


Turn off the A259 at New Romney and head along the Littlestone Road to Greatstone. Turn left when you reach the seafront. The road runs into a track and free parking is available at the end. Where the track narrows it is unsuitable for cars, so do not venture further without a four-wheel drive. Access is possible via Pirate Springs, which is a turning off the A259 at St Mary's Bay; free parking.


Marsh Tackle, 17 Littlestone Rd, New Romney, tel: 01797 366130.

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5.30pm, closed Wednesday afternoon. Friday and Saturday 8.30am to 6pm.

Bait: Fresh lugworms and ragworms, plus Ammo and Predator frozen baits.

Seagull Fishing Tackle, 4 The Parade, Greatstone, tel: 01797 366837.

Opening times: 9am-5pm. Open weekends.

Bait: Black lug and frozen bait.

Den's Tackle, Dymchurch Rd, Hythe, tel: 01303 267053.

Opening times: 7.30am to 6pm. Open seven days.

Bait: Black lug, frozen

bait and Gulp artifi cial.

Mick's Tackle, 1 Thirstane Terrace, Dymchurch Rd, Hythe, tel: 01303 266334.

Opening times: 8.30am to 6pm. Open seven days.

Bait: All fresh baits, including yellowtail and black lug. Bait to order

Directions : Head for New Romney on the A259 and then take a right turn at the traffic lights as you leave New Romney. This is Littlestone Road, called the Avenue; pass the Zziplex rod factory and the light railway station. Turn left when you meet the sea. Hot spot is anywhere between the orange brick water tower and Pirate Springs. Park behind where you fish


Season : Whiting in winter, other species all year

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