Maverick Adventure Fishing

Maverick Adventure Fishing is based on the East Coast of South Africa, we specialize in guided tours for Land Based Sea Fishing, Fresh and Salt Water Fly Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing.

In South Africa trips to venues such as Mazeppa Bay, Sodwana Bay, St Lucia and Kosi Bay are undertaken and an Angler can expect to do battle with Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Giant Guitarfish, Butterfly Rays and a host of other characters, large and small. During travels we schedule visits to Traditional Villages and Game Parks so visitors can experience the culture and wild life diversity of South Africa.

Trips to other African countries are organized, with Fly-Fishing for Tiger Fish at Cahorra Bassa in Mozambique being a unique experience. Inhaca Island, Mozambique, gives the Salt Water Fly-Fisherman a chance to test his skills against King Mackerel, Queen Fish, Sail Fish and the Tuna family.

Maverick Adventure Fishing undertakes Fly-Fishing Trips to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, where the pristine rivers, lakes and mountain streams are protected by the local Chief or community elder and the Village of Rhodes nestled in the Eastern Cape Highlands. The fishing is outstanding and some destinations are world class, on these trips Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Yellow fish and Brown Trout are targeted. The guides that host these trips are top quality R.E.F.F.I.S. qualified guides.

Maverick Adventure Fishing is taking adventure fishing to a new level, trips are being planned in 2012 to paddle around Zanzibar Island in 21 days kayak fishing, 14 days Land Based Sea Fishing trip to fish the 40km coastline of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 14 Days Fly Fishing in Siberia and a 14 day trip to fish for Goliath Tiger on the Congo River (should you be interested in any of these trips please contact us at

At Maverick Adventure Fishing we believe every angler is as passionate as us about fishing, so let us plan an itinerary to suit your needs no matter whether there are 1 or 10 anglers for Land Based Shark Fishing, Salt or Fresh Water Fly-fishing or Deep Sea Fishing

Fish are affected by mother nature and adverse weather conditions so we cannot promise that fish will co-operate all the time, but our promise to you is that we will do all we can to make your trip enjoyable and a success.