Sandown Groynes Sea Fishing Mark

This popular groyned stretch of promenade between Deal Pier and Sandown Castle is one of the most comfortable and accessible venues in the area

Main Species
Pouting, eels, flounder, dogfish, school bass, sole, whiting, codling, dab

Recommended Baits:
Lugworms, ragworms, peeler crabs
Directions : From the A2, head for Deal on the A258. When you reach the sea front, go north past the pier. The Sandown stretch starts from the Royal Hotel and runs to Goodwin Road and then Sandown Castle. A pay and display parking scheme operates at the Royal Hotel end of the venue, but it is free parking for the remainder of the road
Season : Pouting all year, eels, flounder, dogfish, bass and sole in summer, whiting, codling and dab in winter

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