Southsea Beach Sea Fishing Mark

This is a fairly shallow, sloping shingle beach, which gives way to sand just below the low water mark.
It is renowned for plaice during March and early April, but come the first of the peeler moult during mid-April and the beach can come alive at night. It is a fairly sheltered from the prevailing south-westerlies.
Flat calm conditions are favoured for plaice, but for other species the beach fishes very well just after a good blow when they will be taken at all distances at night.


Expect plaice and a few flounders by day, while at night pouting, silver eels and bass are the prime targets.


King ragworms and snake white rag often sort out the plaice. Small white rag pick-up flounders, while peeler crabs are best at night during spring. Ragworms also pick up a few fish.


By day use a two-hook clipped-down rig with size 1 hooks for plaice. The last two hours of the flood and the first two hours of the ebb are best when the tide will be pulling from left to right. A big spring tide is favoured but a grip lead will be required. Use a three-hook paternoster rig armed with size 2 hooks at night or a long fl owing rig fi shed at very close range for flounders.


Approach Portsmouth from the M27 and then the M275 passing the ferry port on your right. As the dual carriageway comes to an end follow the signs for the Seafront and Southsea, it is pretty simple. There is ample metre controlled road side parking right on the water’s edge, at night the parking is free.


Allan’s Marine, 143 Twyford Ave, Portsmouth, tel: 02392 671833.

Directions : Take the M275 to Portsmouth and follow the brown tourist signs to the Pyramids. Car parking available there and on the sea front road
Season : Spring for flounder, plaice and bass, May for eel, late August for sole, autumn and winter for pouting, whiting, dab, flounder, eel and school bass

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