Bits everywhere. One rig wallet for this, one rig wallet for that, loads of little plastic canisters that rattle, packets of hooks and spools of line all over the place.

How many match anglers have spent most of a match trying to organise their boxes rather than actually concentrating on their fishing?

And even if you do start off with a nice tidy, well sorted box when you sign in, by the time you’ve yomped a mile or so along the shingle, chances are that the contents of your box are most definitely not where you put them.

This Match Organiser has enough pockets, compartments, spool holders and sleeves to hold enough end tackle to satisfy the most demanding of match anglers.

Why don’t you try using one side for clipped down rigs, and the other for non-clipped?

Tippets and shock leader spools are held in their own neoprene pouches.

Even baiting needles, bait elastic and scissors have their own spaces. And you even get 30 re-sealable plastic sleeves to hold your rigs.

So this organiser will hold even more rigs & kit than 3 standard ones put together!