A mini clip designed for continental rods has proved an ideal link choice for lure anglers

£1.74 for packet of 10

Being very particular about the clips I use to secure my lures to my leader, I have found the majority are missing something when it comes to working well with the different lures I use.

Not only do I want the clip to be strong enough, but also I need it to be as easy to use with the small eyes on a hard lure as it is with the larger weedless hooks. As my use of soft lures grows, I also want enough ‘play’ for a single weedless hook to move naturally, and I don’t want lures to unclip while I’m fishing.

I have used the 35lb size Delalande Agrafe Rapide for years without hassle, but it can sometimes be tricky to source. I don’t need a 35lb clip for the bass I am catching, but prefer the slightly larger size over the 29lb version, especially when using weedless hooks. As good as it is though, I am always on the lookout for a product that might work a little better for me.

As a result, recently I have tried the Breakaway Mini Link, and I absolutely love it. Many sea anglers have either used or at least seen the ingenious and strong Breakaway Fastlink Clips, and these new mini versions from the company are sure to gain a loyal following too.

Their approximate 25lb breaking strain is enough for my bass fishing and I suspect it would take more than that to do any meaningful damage to them.

Mini Links were made at the request of Essex match angler Rob Tuck, for use with a long continental rod that has very small eyes. He wanted a quick-change link to join his rig to his 25lb shockleader, one that would be strong enough to cast 3-4oz lead weights more than 150 yards. These clips are made from heat-treated stainless steel and are half the size of the spinlink.

I have yet to come across any hard or soft lures that don’t work well with the Breakaway Mini Link, and you can’t get much easier than simply slipping a lure or indeed weedless hook on and off. I really like how the size 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0 weedless hooks I use seem to be moving around perfectly naturally on this little clip.

While I can’t say that it’s any better than the Delalande Agrafe Rapide clip, I will now happily use either for my lure fishing.