PRICE £99.99

PRICE: £99.99 (introductory price: £84.99)

WEIGHT: 4.2kg

DOORS: Foldaway with lookout windows

TAPE SEALED STITCHING: 100 per cent waterproof

CARRY BAG: Yes with padded shoulder strap

Beach anglers who appreciate the importance of some form of protection when exposed to winter gales and icy rain would not go fishing without a shelter.

The latest one to prove its worth this winter is the aptly named Cod Cabin. Made from tough PVC, it will stand up to the elements and provide you with superb protection. It looks similar to any other beach shelter, but it has some neat additions to add to your comfort.

It anchors to the beach with massive, hardwearing sand flaps. I used it in Norfolk when the wind was blowing really hard and it stayed up.

Unlike other shelters, the front foldaway doors close fully; great when the weather turns foul and you want to get a brew on. Don’t worry about missing that important cod bite because you will spot it through the windows. Inside, there are sewn-in pockets for storage.

Outside, the peaked hood and base have a neat luminous strip that prevents night anglers walking into it. Velcro straps on the outside allow you to prop up your rod and secure it when preparing a bait or changing a rig.

It is not just great for beach work either because its eight metal anchor points mean it can be secured on a promenade, pier or jetty.

When your session ends, simply fold it down (the poles fold in half) and pack it away into its zipped bag with shoulder strap. It also comes with metal pegs.

• The Cod Cabin costs £99.99, but there is an introductory price of £84.99 for a limited time only. Website: Email: