PRICE £1.00

The Namix flat-back sinkers have proved to be a big hit with sea anglers, but now they are even better.
The GX (grip extra) leads, with or without bait clips, have the grip wire slats set at a slight angle and are now 3.5mm deep so that the wires are closer to the sea bed on each side to give maximum grip in rough seas and during strong currents.
Available in a weight of 165g or 5¾oz, with 6oz and 7oz to follow, they have been thoroughly tested. On test uptiding in the Bristol Channel on a spring tide in 80ft of water and set at full tilt, they would not budge.

£1 per sinker. £29.99 for mould and kit. Accessories: £5 for 100 stainless steel bait clips, £5 for 100 ss loops, £4 for 100 s grips wires 

Value for money: Making your own sinkers certainly saves money.
Practicality: You can adjust the grip wires to suit the strength of grip.
Would we buy it? Already have… and they work a treat.