PRICE £150.00

Veals has created a series of great combos using Penn Powerstix rods together with suitable reels fit for the purpose. All prices of these combos are under £120. Here’s the selection…

Penn PowerXstix Bass

The 11ft 6in bass rod will become a firm favourite with anglers. A multi-purpose rod, the PowerStix Bass is equally at home lobbing a large soft crab into a gully, a whole squid in the surf or a 3oz lead and two worm baits into an estuary. Abbreviated EVA grips either side of a lightweight graphite screw winch is home to either a multiplier or fixed-spool reel.

Penn PowerXstix 126M

For those who prefer a two piece rod there is a choice of both fixed-spool and multiplier models. A firm, through action aids castability while still capable of very respectable distances in fishing situations retaining bait presentation. The multiplier version sports Fuji BNHG guides while the fixed-spool gets the new Kigan’s.

Penn PowerXstix 13MFS

At 13ft our second three piece rod in this range took the original and highly successful Extreme Voyager as its role model. A foot longer this PowerStix model is a little more forgiving and again, is intended for use with either a fixed-spool or multiplier reels. At 13ft it will more suit anglers who want to retain the more conventional length rod but with the ease of casting inherent in a through action rod. It too sports the new Kigan guides and while ideal for use with a fixed-spool reel will work with a multiplier too.

Penn PowerXstix 15MFS

The 15ft x 3 piece surf rod will handle 4oz to 6oz leads with ease. With a through action and additional but manageable length it will launch leads without elaborate windups, just lay it on the ground and let the rod do the work. Intended for use with our Surfmaster fixed-spool reel, the rings are from a new manufacturer and offer both performance and durability. A version of this 15ft rod has been available through our European distributors for some time and has become a top seller in the market. We have taken the base model and altered the action a little to more suit UK angling styles. And it works!