PRICE £180.00

A whole new range of beach combos to cover all aspects of UK beachcasting. All have genuine Fuji rings and Penn’s own coastal reel seat
The Multiplier models all come with the new 525MagXtra reel.
The Fixed spool model comes with either the Surfmaster 750 or Surfmaster 850 reel. Choose from the following rods…

Penn Surfblaster – Seatrek (Twin tip)

12′ 3 piece beach caster which comes with two tip sections.
1 – Light 3 to 5oz
2 – Heavy 4 to 6oz
With a packed length of just 52” the Seatrek is just the job for the angler who wants a rod which is easy to transport yet will handle a variety of different situations.
Suitable for fixed spool or multiplier reels

Penn Surfblaster – Guvnor M (Match)
12′ 6” – 4 to 8oz. A classic styled match type rod with excellent bite detection, casting and fishing qualities. A good all-round fishing rod for the multiplier user.

Penn Surfblaster – Guvnor FS (Match)
12’6” 4 to 8oz – Same great fishing rod as the M but rung for the fixed spool user.

Penn Surfblaster – Outasite (Extreme Range)
13′ 4 to 8oz – Designed for the angler looking for a fishing rod which can put a bait a long way but without the vicious bite back of a tournament pole. A forgiving but deceptively powerful rod which will deliver the goods with OTG, lay back and fishing pendulum styles. All in all a good fishing rod for the average man on the beach.
Multiplier use only.

Penn Surfblaster – Ruff Stuff (Rough Ground)
14′ 4 to 8oz – A powerful rod which does what it says. If rocks are your thing rather then sand then this is the Surfblaster for you. The tip is stiffer then the standard beach rods to help pull fish up off the bottom and it has a slightly more through action which not only aids fish control but also allows easy casting from a confined stance. If you want a rock rod why buy an expensive tournament rod with unusable power when this rod does the job at a reasonable price?

Penn Surfblaster – Pursuit (Long rod)
16′ 5” 4 to 8oz – 3 piece
the “long” rod in the surfblaster range which can be used with either fixed spool or multiplier reels and offers good casting distances with just an overhead cast.