Winter beach anglers in search of cod usually fish their marks in the dead of night. They’ve learned over the years that cod venture very close to the shore once the sun has disappeared, and one piece of kit they rely on is their headlight.
Having a poor source of light on the beach leads to all sorts of problems – casting can become wayward, reeling in can be a nightmare and bait presentation is drastically affected. If these three factors are in any way hampered then you’re heading for disaster, which will probably be made worse if your neighbour (who has a super charge of light on his head) is landing cod after cod, leaving you to sit in the dark fishless.
Veals Mail Order in Bristol sells one of the very best headlights available – the Speleo Technics Super Nova.
At 230 quid the quality and light output is good enough for people prepared to go hundreds of metres underground or into a cave, so it is certainly good enough for a winter night’s fishing trip to the beach.
The actual headpiece is guaranteed to be waterproof up to 50 metres, so if the weather decides to turn foul, you won’t be left in the dark. Power wise, the nickel flat battery pack will provide 60 hours of light with a maximum output of 800 lumens from a single LED, and when measured on a photometer it produced 400 lumens of light.
A simple slide enables you to operate two settings – a bright and a not so bright beam, which is brilliant for baiting up or landing a fish from the surf.
With an adjustable headband, tilting headpiece and a nickel battery pack at the rear, the outfit is remarkably lightweight. Also included is a charger with a simple flashing light to indicate a full charge.
If you are looking forward to this winter’s night cod sessions, be prepared and get yourself this quality headlight that will last. You won’t regret it when that double-figure specimen grabs your bait.

Contact info
Priced at £230 and available from Veals Mail Order, 306 Central Park, Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 9BZ, tel: 01275 892000.