PRICE £321.00

Night anglers who use Tiga headlights will be pleased to know that the new SL9X version has been released.
Tiga says it has raised the benchmark and produced the most reliable and high-powered headlight on the market.
The heavy-duty 6v 9Ah NiMH battery comes with short circuit protection and indicator. When the battery becomes low on power, the lamp will begin to flicker as a warning that it is down to its last 15 minutes before switch-off. This is to protect the light from a deep discharge.
The cable from the battery to the headpiece is removable by a jack plug, which allows easy maintenance should a new one be required. When fully charged, there is a flood beam of approximately 250m.

Value for money: Included is a belt for the battery and a charger, as well as clips for the headpiece if you want to fit it to a safety helmet.
Practicality: Very easy to charge and use.
Would we buy it? I already have and it’s brilliant, especially when in remote areas.