PRICE £8.99

Available from Veals Mail Order are three superb lines from Varivas. The Clear is available in 12lb (0.28mm) to 30lb (0.47mm) breaking strains and is a very strong copolymer that is completely clear and won’t spook wary fish.
The Sport is thin, dependable and superb for reaching extra long distances from the beach. Spools come in 15lb (0.35mm) to 30lb (0.47mm) breaking strains. It’s also very supple and sits well on a spool and won’t lift during a powerful cast. The Sport also comes in a hi-viz yellow, it has the same qualities, just easier to see.

Sea Angler score sheet:

Value for money:  With over 1,000m on a spool it’s great value.
Practicality: It casts like a dream.
Would we buy it? Loading my reels now.