Scott Richardson has one thing in common with many sea anglers – only the very best bait will do. The difference though is he knows how to get his hands on it and, better still, he wants to share it with other sea anglers.

Obtaining good quality bait can be a real headache for many sea anglers and even worse than that is turning up at your local tackle shop or dealer only to find out that the bait hasn’t turned up, leaving you empty handed.

Scott from Goxhill, Lincolnshire, teamed up with business partner Steve Foster and in 2008 they launched Squids-In! Sea Baits. Live and frozen bait are all readily available and Scott fulfils a hands-on roll by supplying a first-class service.

“I believe if I have a good relationship with other anglers we can all benefit. Not only do I supply great bait, we can also share news on what venues are producing good catches. Don’t forget, I’m an angler too,” said 23-year-old Scott.

Frozen baits on offer include black lug, mackerel, sandeels, mussels, peeler and soft-shell crabs, razorfish, calamari and baby squid, as well as the much sought after Bluey. Live worms are also available, but Scott has strict rules on what is sent by courier.

“Live black and yellowtail lugworms are kept in clean sea water and will not be delivered by courier,” he said. “I just can’t rely on the handling of these worms when they leave me. The last thing I want is a customer to receive a package containing dead bait.

“Instead, I will deliver them myself in and around the Lincolnshire area or the customer can order and pick it up themselves. Just remember to bring a bucket,” Scott added.

Gutted, wrapped black lug can be delivered by courier because these are more easily handled and easy to package. Ragworms and other specialist baits, such as white rag, maddies and live peeler crabs, are also available, but an enquiry well in advance is advised because certain tides and seasons dictate their availability.

If you want to collect your bait in person then you need to call to make an arrangement. Scott is a mobile service, not a shop, but is hoping to change that very soon.

“We’re trying desperately to organise permanent premises,” said Scott. “At the moment we are mobile only, so if you want to collect bait just give us a call and we can arrange to meet where suits you best.”

Preserved offerings and pike baits are also on the menu for the specialist and predator angler.

If you’re a travelling match angler, Scott often turns up at events around the Lincolnshire and Holderness coast, so you could even order bait and collect it at the match before you start.

Scott will also supply the trade, so if you own a tackle shop that struggles to supply customers, make a call to Squids-In!

How to order

Telephone: 07935 762267

Text service: as above.



All major credit cards are accepted by Squids-In! You can also pay using a PayPal account.