Dave Lewis has a flutter on these new well designed and attractive slow pitch jigs and recommends they make it into your lure selection for both UK and overseas jigging sessions

Designed specifically with cod in mind, Seadra Nimbus Slow Jigs are the result of two years of extensive field testing in the English Channel.

Beautifully finished to a very high standard, the range consists of two popular and proven colours, holo pink and rhubarb & custard, both available in either 160g or 200g.

Each lure comes ready rigged with a pair of perfectly matched, corrosion-resistant, assist hooks mounted on what appears to be kevlar braid.

The hooks are attached to a solid stainless steel ring, which is in turn attached to the lure via a stainless steel split ring.

The leader, either fluorocarbon or monofilament, at the end of your (usually braided) line, is tied directly to the solid ring forming an incredibly strong link between leader and hooks.

Using this system makes it possible to change lures without cutting the leader by using a suitable pair of split ring pliers to remove the existing lure from the split ring, then attach the new one.

A prerequisite of all slow pitch rigs is for the lure to have an inherent, built-in action, resulting in the tantalising fluttering display that so many different species of fish find absolutely irresistible.

These beautiful lures can boast exactly that. While they might have been designed with cod in mind, Seadra Nimbus jigs are undoubtedly going to prove to be hugely effective for numerous other UK species, notably bass, pollack and coalfish.

If you are travelling to either Norway or Iceland to fish, then I strongly recommend you pack a few of these.

Seadra Jigs have also been trialed in the tropics, notably in Panama where they have accounted for trophy sized cubera snapper and roosterfish.

Certainly, mine are destined for a trip to Central America in a few months time, along with anywhere else in the world where I intend to fish jigs.