A 14ft, three-piece Continental-style carbon beachcaster rated to cast 4-8oz. You get three 571⁄2in sections, fixed screw-up reel seat at 31in from the metal butt cap, and no hand grips. Ringed for a fixed-spool reel with six aluminium oxide shock style rings, including tip, whipped in black and silver. Banded spigot put-in joints, orange tip section and cloth bag.

Alan Yates says: An almost identical specification to the Cormoran Seacor Surfcast 420, this is a classic build long, lightweight Continental-style beachcaster finished attractively in silver. Pick it up and you immediately feel the difference from the previous model. The balance, weight, action and power are noticeably improved, even before you cast. This rod is highly suited to long casting with light line over clean ground. Not Cormoran’s top of the range, though, despite its higher price tag. For more cash you can buy a range of long, light blanks, although this model is in the top bracket and does compete with the likes of those costing far more.