PRICE £230.00

Length: 11ft 9in
Sections: Two
Guides: Kigan SiC
Casting weight: 2-4oz
Rod bag: Yes

One disappointing aspect of this rod is the name…it’s not a bass rod in my eyes, but a light beachcaster ideal for targeting whiting, flatfish and codling. It’s even better if you’re fishing down a harbour wall or pier, when double or treble shots of coalfish are coming thick and fast.
It’s not the lightest rod I’ve ever picked up, but it’s quite comfortable if you like to hold the rod during a session.
The Fuji reel seat is fixed in the up position, which I reckon is a mistake – a lot of anglers prefer to position it themselves, which is made easy with a selection of adjustable seats now available.
I decided to attach an Abu 6500 Mag loaded with 15lb mainline and 70lb shockleader before clipping on a 4oz sinker. A simple off-the-ground, layback style cast seemed to be the best option for me as the sinker sailed seawards.

The rod locked up well as the tip accommodated the load before the butt section provided the power to launch the sinker. It felt ‘tippy’ but not at all sloppy and the recovery was fine, with just a slight wobble as I aimed the tip to the clouds.
For the next cast I used a 5oz lead, just to give me the impression of chucking a huge crab bait. The rod coped well, but I would have much preferred the reel in the low position. Soon I was banging more power into each cast.
The rod sits steady in a good tide and shows bites well. There are eight Kigan SiC guides on the tip section and a single on the butt, which is finished in black.

Final thought

It’s not a bad rod, but it wouldn’t be my first choice when going bass fishing. It would provide another option to my armoury if I were scratching around in an estuary.