PRICE £120.00

These rods replace the old Tidecutter range and are just as light and responsive as the previous model.

The Fuji CDBSG/CWDBSG Sic guides are perfect for use with braid and the rods have a progesive powerful but forgiving action to further enhance their suitability as braid rods.

The slim blank blends into a comfortable duplon fore grip which fits snugly against the fuji winch fitting to make the rod comfortable to hold even after a hard days wrecking.

Available in a full range of downtide sizes from the super light 6/12lb to the 30/50 pirker plus a 4 to 10oz uptider which takes on the mantle of “best uptider” from the much loved Tidecutter uptide model.

All models, inc. uptider, come in a hard carry tube.