This spoon rig is ideal for catching flounders and plaice, from a boat, because the spoon coupled with the coloured beads adds a fantastic amount of fish-attraction.

A Watch leads allow the rig to move slowly across the bottom. Always use a reliable, strong link to attach the lead.

B A 10in long sliding boom ensures that the snood does not come into contact with the lead.

C All swivels used on this rig must have great strength, and must be of a size to suit the ground over which you are fishing.

D The distance of line here can be variable depending upon the strength of tide. The bigger the tide, the longer the length of line needs to be.

E A revolving, spinning spoon provides superb attraction. A silver spoon is ideal.

F A series of coloured beads threaded onto the snood, above the hook, gives the baited hook extra attraction.