Garmin has unveiled the latest addition to its award-winning live-scanning sonar line-up. The new LiveScope XR has an extended range for deeper and open waters. With excellent image sharpness at both close and long ranges simultaneously, LiveScope XR delivers real-time images of fish and structure up to 500ft in front of or below the boat—over 200 per cent more range than the leading competitor system. 

Extended range

With an optimised design for deeper water, the LiveScope XR transducer has extended elements so anglers can see both long and close-range views in real time. Anglers can see further around and below the boat – up to 500ft in freshwater and 350ft in saltwater – and the ‘Reverse Range’ feature allows them to utilise more of the screen to display fish and structure.

To see detail closer to the boat, the ‘Compress Range’ feature displays a live look in sharp detail up close, while still allowing the angler to keep an eye on targets further away at the same time. With seven colour palettes to choose from, anglers can see fish and structure in vivid contrast and clarity.

Like all LiveScope transducers, LiveScope XR is equipped with additional sensors that allow it to adjust the sonar beams to compensate for boat motion, so even in rough conditions, anglers will still see a steady sonar image, even at an extended range. 

Three modes in one system

The LiveScope XR System delivers three unique vantage points with one mount that can be easily adjusted to fit an angler’s fishing techniques and preferences, no tools required. Simply turn the transducer forward for a live look at what’s out in front of the boat, point it down to see directly beneath the boat or turn it sideways with the included Perspective Mode Mount to enable the ‘top down’ perspective mode that’s perfect for scouting open water or shorelines.

Select the LiveScope mode that best fits that fishing spot, and the view will automatically change on a compatible Garmin chartplotter2 screen. 

Upgrade to the LiveScope XR advantage

The LiveScope XR System includes a compact GLS™ 10 black box with a LiveScope XR LVS62 transducer, along with a trolling motor barrel and shaft mounting kit, perspective mount bracket and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy installation and integration with a compatible chartplotter. With a free software update, the LVS62 transducer (sold separately) can be added to an existing LiveScope System black box for customers who want to upgrade.

  • LiveScope XR System RRP £2158.33
  • LiveScope XR LVS62 RRP £1616.66
  • LiveScope XR is compatible with a wide range of Garmin GPSMAP® and ECHOMAP™ chartplotters and combo units
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